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Planned ConnectCarolina Weekend Outage April 22-24, 2023

When you login to ConnectCarolina on Monday, April 24, you’ll notice a few changes to the homepages: Self Service, Admin WorkCenter, Student, and My Page. The overall functionality has not changed.

Enhanced Homepage

  • The homepage dropdown is moved out of the banner.  It is now located at the top left corner of each Homepage.
  • Users can switch homepages either through the homepage menu dropdown (upper left side of homepage), or the left/right arrows to scroll through homepages (located in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage). 

ConnectCarolina Homepage Drop Down options


Quick Access Bar

  • A new Quick Access bar (left side on Homepage) provides an additional way to get to Recently Visited and Favorite items.
  • The Quick Access Bar only shows on the Homepage. 

Quick Access Bar showing last 10 items



  • You can still see Favorites and Recently Visited items through the NavBar.​
  • The square, icon images have changed in Menu, Favorites and Recently Visited.​
  • Some page labels have changed. For example, Recent Places changed to Recently Visited.

NavBar showing FavoritesNavBar showing Recently Visited options


Favorites and Recently Visited

  • Recently Visited now displays the last 10 items. Before it only displayed 5 items.
  • You may see tiles and workcenters displayed in Recently Visited.
  • Access Favorites directly from the Favorites Icons on the Quick Access bar on the home page or the NavBar. If you are using Recently Visited, and see “Favorite Link”, the link to the Favorite will not work.  Instead, navigate from Favorites directly.


Menu Folders and Items

  • Menu folders and items will continue to be displayed in the standard order.  
  • Breadcrumbs in NavBar allows navigating back up the menu hierarchy to a menu folder.
  • NOTE:   Menu is the Portal; previously it was referred to as “Home” and is now displaying as “Menu”.

PT Upgrade NavBar Menu showing breadcrumbs


Navigating Within Pages – Tab vs Enter Key

  • If you use the ‘Enter Key’ to navigate from field to field, you may notice it works differently after the upgrade. For example, if you enter a date and press the enter key, the system will no longer format the date properly. To format a field, such as a date field, or cause a field to calculate a total, use the Tab key.

Worklist Items Open in a Modal (Pop-up) window instead of a New Tab

  • The worklist now opens in a modal window for HR and Finance items.  The new window cannot be resized, but the Control + and – keys allow the user to resize the data shown within the window.