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EPA Students

General Information

  • Expected Job End Date Management
    • Expected job end date is required for EPA students
    • Should be the first day that the student will be terminated or on short work break (not the last date worked)
    • Use the “Expected Job End Date” report, available on InfoPorte, to monitor Expected Job End Dates
    • Actions to Reappoint, place on Short Work Break, or Terminate must be processed PRIOR to the Expected Job End Date
  • Expected Job End Date and Pay
    • Expected Job End Date does not stop pay automatically
    • A Termination or Short Work Break action must be processed to stop pay
    • Actions to Reappoint, Terminate or place on Short Work Break must be entered prior to the Expected Job End Date
      • When placing a student on Short Work Break, you must also extend their Expected Job End Date at the same time.  The Expected Job End Date should be extended out to when the student is expected to be reappointed.
  • Stipend Calculator
    • We strongly recommend using the Stipend Calculator, which will soon be available on the Graduate School’s website, under Policies:

EPA Student Actions

  • School/Division is responsible for entering Termination or Short Work Break ePARs for any EPA student appointment.
  • Expected Job End Date must be updated when placing a Student on Short Work Break
  • Reminder:  If you Terminate a student and later rehire them, you must process a new I-9 within 3 business days of the rehire action effective date

Returning EPA Students from Short Work Break

  • School/Division is responsible for processing a Return from Work Break action for EPA students on Short Work Break
  • To restart pay, an Action / Action Reason of Return from Work Break / EPA Reappointment must be used. This is the only way to restart pay for a student on a work break.
  • Transferring an EPA Student who is on Short Work Break to another job will not update their Payroll status. In these cases the student will continue to be on Work Break


SPA Students

Please refer to this Quick Reference Guide [PDF] for information on how temporary employment statuses for SPA Student Summer Employment are defined.

General Information

  • There is no “short work break” for SPA students.
  • Unlike with EPA students, an SPA student will be automatically terminated on his/her Expected Job End Date.
  • SPA students will automatically lose their FICA exemption over the summer if they are not reflected as enrolled in Campus Solutions
  • If a Student changes employee groups (ie. moves from SPA Student to SPA Temporary), then use the Hire form to transfer them into a new or vacant position