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Run the JOB: Expected End Date Report on the HR/Payroll Reporting Dashboard


Identify employees with Expected End Dates prior to October 1, 2021

Submit the appropriate ePAR for the identified employees

    • For Active Employees:
      1. Edit the Existing Job ePAR to extend the Expected End Date. After that ePAR fully executes, then
      2. Use a Hire ePAR to move the employee into the appropriate position and establish funding sources. 
        • NOTE:  There is a position already created for these employees and you should use it in the Hire ePAR.  If you are unsure of the appropriate Position ePAR, log a Service Request in Service Now.
      3. PAAT to move distribution out of suspense for payrolls processed after October 11, 2021
    • For Inactive Employees: Change the Employment Status ePAR to terminate employment.