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Microsoft MFA Verification Process Changing February 27, 2023

Posted 1 year ago

Starting February 27, anyone who uses the Microsoft Authenticator app to verify their identity will use a new number matching process.  “Number matching” means that when you go through MFA (multifactor) Authentication, you’ll see a number that you will enter in the … Read more

Enhanced RAM Reports Replacing PI Dashboard

Posted 2 years ago

In an effort to streamline the sources of financial data for sponsored projects, plans are in place to decommission the PI Dashboard in Infoporte effective January 10, 2023.  The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Information Technology Systems (ITS) developed a more robust and detailed reporting tool for … Read more

NEW: Leave Request Forms in ConnectCarolina

Posted 2 years ago

When employees need to take a leave of absence to deal with personal matters, they complete leave request forms and submit them for approval. There are different leave types including parental, medical, and military leave. For each leave request type, … Read more

NEW: Reserved Seat Information Available for Students

Posted 2 years ago

A purple diamond next to a class title indicated that only reserved seats were available for the class. During Spring 2023 undergraduate registration, students clicked the Class Details link in ConnectCarolina to see if they met the qualifications for one … Read more