All users of University Administrative Systems are responsible for reading and following applicable policies. If you have already agreed to the Terms of Use policy, you do not need to re-certify at this time.

  • Use of UNC-CH systems is governed by University policy.
  • By continuing to use administrative systems you are agreeing to the Terms of Use policy found here.
  • When you log into ConnectCarolina, you will be prompted to indicate your agreement.
  • If you disagree with the Terms of Use, please logout immediately and discuss your concerns with your supervisor.

How to agree to the Terms of Use

  •  Follow the steps below to agree to the Terms of Use
    • Go to
    • Login with your Onyen and password.
    • Click SelfService.
    • Click Terms of Use Policy; this will open the Terms of Use Policy page.
    • Click the Terms of use for University Administrative Systems Policy link to open a PDF of the policy.
    • After you read it, go back to the web page, click I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms of use for University Administrative Systems Policy.
    • Click the Confirm button.

If you have had your access revoked due to non-compliance with the Terms of Use policy

The process to restore your access is:

  • Review and agree to the Terms of Use (instructions above); this is an online process
  • Complete a Terms of Use Reinstatement form and obtain your manager’s signature; this is a hard-copy, manual process
  • Submit the signed form to your school/unit Access Request Coordinator (ARC) to input into the Access Request Tool to request that access be reinstated.

To find your ARC, click here.

NOTE: Your access may not be restored for as long as 48 hours (2 business days) after you have fulfilled the terms of use requirement and requested that your access be restored.  If you plan to use administrative systems and have had your access revoked, please take action as soon as possible to restore your access.

About the Policy

The Faculty, Staff and Affiliate Terms of Use for University Administrative Systems Policy went into effect on October 1, 2014. To ensure all users understand the responsibilities that come with their privileged access to these systems, we ask that users read and agree to abide by this policy before using ConnectCarolina or other University administrative systems.

The policy explains your responsibility for using the system appropriately to ensure proper protection and use of all information stored within the systems.  This explanation is designed to answer the questions our users have had about your responsibilities for appropriate use of the University’s administrative systems access.

It is important to note that the Policy excludes use of the “self-service” components of the ConnectCarolina system in order for an individual to access information or transact business regarding themselves, for example: employee paystub access, student registration, updating personal information, etc.