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Edge has pushed out a security update that implements a strict security change.  As a result of this update, you may notice issues with ConnectCarolina functionality such as links or buttons or search not working correctly.


If you are using Edge and experiencing issues with ConnectCarolina you will need to be sure that the Edge Browser is fully updated, and that you have completely cleared history – browser cache and cookies and reset the settings for Edge.

Important: Always access ConnectCarolina via  or a bookmark with this address.  Please do not bookmark pages within ConnectCarolina from the browser.


Open the tabs below to get step by step information.  You may also contact the Service Desk or Business Systems Help Desk for assistance.

As a temporary solution, you can open an InPrivate window to access ConnectCarolina within the browser.  However, the original issue will not go away until your updates are complete and the cookies and cache are completely cleared.

To manually update, select the 3 dots on the upper-right corner of your Edge browser.

Hover the mouse over “Help and feedback” option and select “About Microsoft Edge”.

Edge will open a new page where it will start installing the updates (if missing) automatically.



Select the 3 dots on the upper-right corner of your Edge browser.  Select Settings. 

Select Privacy, search and services.

Scroll to  “Clear browsing data“.  Select “Choose what to clear“.



Select Time Range: “All Time”. 

Check ALL the boxes except “password” (if you want to keep saved password).  Scroll down to be sure ALL the boxes are checked.

Select “Clear Now“.

Select “Reset settings” from the Settings Tab.  Select “Restore settings to their default values”



Select “Reset“.

Close all the Browser sessions and reopen the browser session.