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PeopleSoft Query Viewer is a tool that lets you run pre-built reports on the information in ConnectCarolina. The reports let you choose criteria for the information you want to see, and then view the results online or export it to Excel.

One set of queries the University uses lets campus departments view financial transactions that are “stuck” (that is, not completed for a variety of reasons). These queries show:

  • Transactions with edit errors
  • Transactions with budget checking errors
  • Transactions in an approval Worklist
  • Journals not yet posted to the General Ledger
  • Vouchers, budget journals, and campus journals in unposted status
  • Requisitions in any status

How often should you run these queries?  Frequently! Daily is not too often.  Some types of transaction are more likely to have errors because of the way they are processed.  Recommended viewing frequency:

  • Check daily:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Campus Journals
  • Check at least weekly:
    • Requisitions
    • Purchase orders
    • Deposits
    • Budget journals and transfers

Can we build our own queries?

Currently, only a handful of central office users can build queries. That’s because a “runaway query” can easily bring down the system. It’s also because queries don’t have built-in chartfield security, which means it takes software development work to build queries that are secure.

Training Information

Preparing for Year-End Close – Reviewing Open Transactions Webinar

Watch on YouTube | Webinar Slides

There is also a class called, “Reporting in an Accrual Based Accounting System.” This class covers the key financial reports in an accrual based accounting system and the differences among them. These reports are: budget balances, fund balances, and cash balances. This course uses mostly queries to run these reports, but the InfoPorte Ledger Rollup and the ConnectCarolina Budgets Overview are also used.  Only those who have been designated by their MOU lead will have access to these reports and queries; these users have been invited to take this class.