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The dashboard only shows projects that are in open, ended, or reporting status. Closed projects do not show, nor do projects that are open but that have a project end date more than 150 days in the past.  Even if the system shows the project as having an available balance, if it is closed or the project end date is more than 150 days in the past, the project will not be listed on the dashboard.
Not at this time. The dashboard shows all projects for a lead PI, so only the lead PI or a research administrator can have access to it. Your research administrator can give you a summary of the project.
If the PI that you support is in your department, your InfoPorte Administrator can grant access so that you can see the same view your PI sees. If the PI home department is not the same as yours, you need to work with the InfoPorte Administrator for the PI’s home department.  If you’re not sure of who your InfoPorte Administrator is or to find another department’s InfoPorte Administrator, refer to the InfoPorte Administrators and ConnectCarolina Access Request Coordinators list.
Cost share isn’t included in the PI Dashboard. Follow these steps to see cost share:

  1. In InfoPorte, go to Finance > Dept Accounting > Ledger Rollups > OSR Ledger.
  2. Enter the project ID in the Project field.
    Important: Leave the Source field blank.
  3. Click the Search button.
    Result: The system displays the project’s balances broken out by chartfield string.
Projections are calculated using the earliest of the job end date, funding end date, and budget end date. You can hover over the Date field on the dashboard to see the three dates.  Refer to Understanding Salary Projections for details about how the system uses these dates to calculate projections.

  • The job end date can be changed using the Edit Existing Job ePAR. Work with your HR Representative if you need to change this date.
  • The funding end date can be changed using the Funding Swap ePAR. (Work with your HR Representative if you don’t have access to submit the Funding Swap ePAR.)
  • The budget end date can be changed only by OSR. If you believe you have a budget end date that needs to be changed, contact
The percent of salary that is charged to a project is set using an ePAR (for example, a Hire ePAR or a Funding Swap ePAR). The ePAR specifies both the chartfield strings used to fund the employee and the percent each chartfield string should contribute.  If you need change the percentage of an employee’s salary that is paid by a project, submit a Funding Swap ePAR (or ask your HR representative to).
Contact OSR at to make any changes to the current budget displayed in the PI dashboard. A budget revision to adjust amounts in budget categories may be required.
OSR sets project end dates based on the award and the guidelines set by the sponsor.  This date is not always the same as the budget end date. If you have questions about a project end date or need to make changes, contact OSR at
You may not have been granted access in InfoPorte to see the program or cost code. Your InfoPorte Administrator can grant access to the program or cost code, and you’ll see it on the dashboard the following day.

The OSR GL Expenses and Budget Report, found in ConnectCarolina, shows the expenses that have posted to the GL Actuals Ledger. Keep in mind that the General Ledger only records chartfield strings, not individual transactions.  Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. In ConnectCarolina, go to Finance Menu > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Viewer.
  2. In the Begins With field, enter one of the following:
    • NC_OSR_GL_C1 to see expenses for a contract.
    • NC_OSR_GL_P1 to see expenses for a project.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. On the Report Definition page, click the View Report link.
  5. Enter the following:
    • Contract or project number
    • the fiscal year
    • the accounting period Remember: The accounting periods are based on the fiscal year (for example, July is accounting period 01).
  6. Click the OK button to run the report. The system displays the report results in a different window.

Individual transactions can be found in the Commitment Control (KK) ledgers, but the PI Dashboard shows information from the General Ledger.  To see individual transactions, you can use the Ledger Rollup tabs in InfoPorte to find all transactions, including payroll transactions, for a project.  Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Finance > Dept Accounting > Ledger Rollups > OSR Ledger.
  2. Enter the project ID in the Project field.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Drill down by clicking the blue Account hyperlinks to see individual transactions.
    Note: Since the PI Dashboard pulls information from the General Ledger, only transactions that have a check in the Recon Ready? column are included in the totals on the PI Dashboard.

You can also use the Budget Overview Inquiry in ConnectCarolina to find transactions, except payroll, for a project. For more information on how to run a Project Budget Overview inquiry, refer to the computer based training.

Sub-accounts and subcontracts are dependent on the project that they are subs for.  This means they continue to show on the dashboard until the main (or prime) project either closes or has an award end date that is more than 150 days in the past.  Because of this, you may see sub-accounts and subcontracts that have project end dates well in the past.
OSR includes some sponsor restricted funds in the budget.  Be sure to check with your research administrator to see if your balance includes any of those funds.