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This webinar covers topics such as how students receive money, accounts allowed and not allowed, and some scenarios of student awards paid by voucher. Due to a technical issue, this recording ends in the middle of the last slide. You can also find the slides for the webinar  and the answers to the questions that were asked during the webinar posted on as well.

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We’re about halfway through the 2020-2021 performance review period and we want to share a few tips for managers as you work through the performance reviews, development plans and goal setting for your EHRA non-faculty employees. Managers have already assigned over 21,000 goals to employees in Carolina Talent. Quick Tips for Managers:  If your employee already signed their performance plan but you need to make a change, you can do that at any time . To make a change or track progress for a goal, follow this path: Performance > Goals. To make a change or track progress for a development plan, follow this path:  Performance > Development Plans.  Your employee will receive an email notification anytime  a change is made. If you need to make a change to a performance plan you submitted before your employee signs it, you have a couple of options: Submit a help ticket to have the performance plan re-opened at > search Carolina Talent > choose the Carolina Talent request, complete the fields, and submit your ticket. Wait for your employee to sign the plan and then make changes through the menu option (see tip number 1 for steps). Again, your employee will receive an email notification anytime a change has been made. If you want to see the status of tasks for your team, you can run a report from the Carolina Talent menu by … Continued

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Employees who have  access to enter student payments in Accounts Payable (AP) were invited to a Changes to Student Award Payments for Voucher Preparers webinar to learn more about the changes being made to student payments.  When UNC-matriculated students receive payment for their academic benefit, it is considered financial aid. Therefore, beginning August 2, all student financial aid must only be entered through GradStar ONLY. When is it OK to use a voucher for a student payment? There are still instances when a student payment is a) not for work performed or b) for the student’s direct academic benefit, and can be paid with a voucher, including the following: The payment is an award or prize for a contest open to the public or to faculty and staff (not just for students). You are reimbursing or prepaying for work on behalf of the University. You are reimbursing the student for travel on behalf of the University (primarily benefiting the University, not the student). Examples: Making a trip to the airport to pick up a visitor to the department or attending a student recruitment event on behalf of the department. Some accounts won’t allow vouchers. The campus voucher system will no longer allow you to enter accounts that are clearly for financial aid. You’ll receive an error and won’t be able to … Continued

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Faculty-student communication is key to an undergraduate’s success. One communication tool faculty can use is the Academic Progress Report (APR) system in ConnectCarolina. Recent system enhancements give instructors more opportunities to provide feedback to students on their performance. Newly available this Spring, instructors can provide report comments for students multiple times between the second and eleventh week of the Fall and Spring semesters. Previously, instructors could submit feedback once per student each semester. APRs are visible to students and to student support staff. The primary goals of APRs are to: provide feedback to students who are performing well and to students who may benefit from additional support. refer students to essential campus resources provide academic advisors and student support staff with actionable data so they can reach out to students sooner, improve support services, and reinforce positive feedback. The APR process starts when the instructor enters an APR in ConnectCarolina. This causes several things to happen, all designed to encourage the student to take action and help staff provide the best possible support: When an instructor submits an APR for a student, the system sends them an email the next day. Each APR comment is added to ConnectCarolina Advisor Notes where academic advisors can read them. Reports are also shared with other campus partners who collaborate to provide coordinated student support including reaching out to students and/or referring students to resources and services on campus. Instructors can submit two progress … Continued

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Beginning August 2021, changes will be made to the timing and method of some student award payments to ensure the University is compliant with federal and state regulations. Starting in 2020, a workgroup including members from The Graduate School, Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, University Finance (Accounts Payable, Cashier, Payroll), the Chancellor’s Office, Office of Sponsored Research and Information Technology Services took a comprehensive look at how financial aid payments are made, and they identified some changes that need to be made to ensure compliance. Tracking the payments Students at Carolina are involved in many types of activities and receive opportunities and payments from a variety of sources including federal or state aid, scholarships, training grants and awards. Most of these payments are considered financial aid, and as such, the sum of these payments should not exceed the cost of attendance for that student. If the financial aid a student receives exceeds their cost of attendance, the University is out of compliance. What’s considered financial aid? Any money paid to support a student’s academic progress is considered financial aid unless it is compensation for work performed, like being a teaching assistant or reimbursement of expenses for travel performed on behalf of the University. For example, … Continued

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Just over a year ago, campus life as we knew it changed dramatically when staff, students and faculty were sent home and classes moved online. The good news is that with safety measures in place and far-reaching access to COVID-19 vaccines, the University is planning for a return to in-person, on-campus instruction. Now that we’re back on campus, the ConnectCarolina team, in support of the Registrar’s Office, managed the data collection and coding for class schedules, course details and more to make it easier for faculty to add class information and for students to make scheduling decisions. Modes of instruction Unlike the past year, the default mode — the way a class is delivered — is “In-person” for Fall 2021. A department or school can request an exception to deliver a class remotely or to use a combination of in-person and online. Some exceptions are space constraints due to construction, specific faculty accommodations and Carolina Away or other specialized online degree programs. Instructors use a new page in ConnectCarolina to request one-off exceptions for mode changes, and those requests go to the Senior Associate Deans for approval. New Class Features functionality The Class Features page was introduced for Spring 2021 registration. … Continued

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[ Click to view a PDF version of this page Student Processing Tips and Reminders ] Student Processing Tips and Reminders Student Employment Website: As a reminder, the Student Employment Website was created to answer many questions related to hiring and updating student jobs. Payroll Guide Available: New student employees should complete payroll documentation through ConnectCarolina Self Service. Note: access to Self Service is not available until the hire effective date has been reached and the Hire ePAR has fully executed.  The Payroll Guide for UNC-CH Employees is available to inform employees of Self-Service options in ConnectCarolina. This guide was primarily designed to help orient new employees but also provides valuable information for existing employees. The guide contains an easy-to-follow checklist to ensure employees are taxed as expect ed and receive their first paycheck via direct deposit. Student FICA Exemption: To be exempt from having FICA taxes withheld on payroll wages, student employees must be enrolled at least half-time in coursework during the compensated pay period. Additional details. Hire Effective Date Changes Changing a Hire Date: In the event you need to change the effective date of an employee’s hire, please submit a ServiceNow/HELP ticket.  The effective date cannot be adjusted … Continued

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Recording of training delivered by the HRIM Business Analysts and Background Check Unit Director detailing the changes to background check process for campus originators. The training was recorded on 4/28/2021.

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To see a report that’s older than one day in Report Manager, you first need to save the report search results You don’t need to follow these steps for reports created after 3/22/21, but if you need to view a report created before 3/22/21, we suggest you follow these steps to save your Report Manager search: Enter the number of days you want to search back in Report Manager. Click Refresh. Report Manager displays all reports run in that timeframe. Click the link for the name of the report to view the older report. Result:  Report Manager shows a new pop-up message box, asking if you want to save the search parameters. Click the Yes button in the message box. 5. Click Save at the bottom of the Report Manager screen. 6. Click the link for the name of the report.

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