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Version Date: July 17, 2018



As a reminder, 2-Step Verification is required for portions of ConnectCarolina, including Student Bill Pay. We encourage you to take time now to configure 2-Step to ensure that you will not encounter any payment issues once fall semester bills are released.


Register for 2-Step Verification

Visit and click on “Register & Manage 2-Step Verification.” The registration process takes just 10 minutes. You will need to have your mobile device and PID available. We recommend downloading the DUO Security app from your phone’s app store for the smoothest 2-Step experience.


Set Up an Authorized User

If your parents, guardians or another party pay your bills, they must be set up as Authorized User to access Student Financials. This keeps your banking information safe.

Authorized Users do not need to set-up 2-Step Verification; however, they cannot use student Onyen credentials to access ConnectCarolina. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up Authorized Users, visit:


Need Assistance?

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to visit to chat with a support representative or call the ITS Service Desk at 919-962-HELP.