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Version Date: July 21, 2021

Employees who have  access to enter student payments in Accounts Payable (AP) were invited to a Changes to Student Award Payments for Voucher Preparers webinar to learn more about the changes being made to student payments.  When UNC-matriculated students receive payment for their academic benefit, it is considered financial aid. Therefore, beginning August 2, all student financial aid must only be entered through GradStar ONLY.

When is it OK to use a voucher for a student payment?

There are still instances when a student payment is a) not for work performed or b) for the student’s direct academic benefit, and can be paid with a voucher, including the following:

  1. The payment is an award or prize for a contest open to the public or to faculty and staff (not just for students).
  2. You are reimbursing or prepaying for work on behalf of the University.
  3. You are reimbursing the student for travel on behalf of the University (primarily benefiting the University, not the student).
  4. Examples: Making a trip to the airport to pick up a visitor to the department or attending a student recruitment event on behalf of the department.

Some accounts won’t allow vouchers.

The campus voucher system will no longer allow you to enter accounts that are clearly for financial aid. You’ll receive an error and won’t be able to save the voucher. Click Accounts No Longer Allowed in Vouchers to see a list.

Some accounts will trigger pre-audits.

Sometimes it’s not clear on the voucher whether a payment is financial aid, so you may notice that using some accounts on a voucher will trigger a pre-audit review. You may find that more of these vouchers will be returned to you with questions or requests for more documentation. Vouchers using the following accounts will trigger a pre-audit review.

  • Honoraria: 522810 and 522820
  • Non instructional services: 522922 and 522923
  • Participant stipends: 569311 and participant expenses 569312
  • Study subject accounts: Study subject payments 523150 and study subject expenses 523160
  • Educational awards for non-enrolled students 558430

Watch the webinar recording for more information.  If you still have questions, you can contact  Accounts Payable and Vendor Services at