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[ Click to view a PDF version of this page Student Processing Tips and Reminders ] Student Processing Tips and Reminders Student Employment Website: As a reminder, the Student Employment Website was created to answer many questions related to hiring and updating student jobs. Payroll Guide Available: New student employees should complete payroll documentation through ConnectCarolina Self Service. Note: access to Self Service is not available until the hire effective date has been reached and the Hire ePAR has fully executed.  The Payroll Guide for UNC-CH Employees is available to inform employees of Self-Service options in ConnectCarolina. This guide was primarily designed to help orient new employees but also provides valuable information for existing employees. The guide contains an easy-to-follow checklist to ensure employees are taxed as expect ed and receive their first paycheck via direct deposit. Student FICA Exemption: To be exempt from having FICA taxes withheld on payroll wages, student employees must be enrolled at least half-time in coursework during the compensated pay period. Additional details. Hire Effective Date Changes Changing a Hire Date: In the event you need to change the effective date of an employee’s hire, please submit a ServiceNow/HELP ticket.  The effective date cannot be adjusted … Read more

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Can I swap this class to meet that requirement?” is an all too familiar request from students and, because Carolina has rich and diverse academic offerings, departments occasionally allow students to substitute courses for specific major requirements. In the past, processing “adjustments” meant additional steps for the directors of undergraduate studies. Adjustments were made by completing an online form in SharePoint, which was then manually processed by a team member in the Office of the University Registrar. Once processed, the change was reflected in the Academic Advisement record (The Tar Heel Tracker) and visible to the student. This manual process was both cumbersome and time-consuming, and we wanted to find a more efficient way to make the experience better for our faculty colleagues and our students. As it turns out, we were not the only university grappling with this issue and seeking a more student-centric option. Finding a simpler way to make requirement adjustments seemed a long way off until a strong collaboration between ITS and the Office of the University Registrar, along with some advice from colleagues at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) made this goal achievable. Enter the ConnectCarolina Student Administration team, led by Candy Davies, Director … Read more

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Slides from the HR User Group Meeting on 12/7/16. These slides cover: short work breaks, student stats, legislative increases, ARP and Bonuses update, FLSA status change, DUO registration, phishing emails, and improvements to CCinfo.

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This document covers the steps for how to navigate in SLATE, including logging in, finding your applicants, navigating the student record, retrieving queries and reports and accessing the reader, for application evaluation.

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Webinar presentation on Slate Reader admissions tool.

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This is a quick reference for helpful links for Student Originators.  It includes links to the monthly payroll calendars, the stipend calculator, the protection of minors policy and information on PID creation for minors.  Additionally, there’s a link to the tips for searching for ePARs.

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These slides detail best practices for Student Originators in ConnectCarolina and include information for position overview, pre-hire steps, using the Hire ePAR, job changes and short work breaks, as well as information on fund swaps and expected end dates and terminations.  These slides are from the August 2016 Student Originators Best Practices meeting.

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This webinar shows how to navigate around Slate to review applications.

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In May 2016, after many years of great service, the mainframe computer was shut down, capping a year-long effort to decommission the legacy systems. This page collects in one place instructions for where to find information from legacy systems, and also how access is given for the legacy systems that are still up and running.

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Guide to EPA Student Short Work Break.

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