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[ Click to view a PDF version of this page Student Processing Tips and Reminders ] Student Processing Tips and Reminders Student Employment Website: As a reminder, the Student Employment Website was created to answer many questions related to hiring and updating student jobs. Payroll Guide Available: New student employees should complete payroll documentation through ConnectCarolina Self Service. Note: access to Self Service is not available until the hire effective date has been reached and the Hire ePAR has fully executed.  The Payroll Guide for UNC-CH Employees is available to inform employees of Self-Service options in ConnectCarolina. This guide was primarily designed to help orient new employees but also provides valuable information for existing employees. The guide contains an easy-to-follow checklist to ensure employees are taxed as expect ed and receive their first paycheck via direct deposit. Student FICA Exemption: To be exempt from having FICA taxes withheld on payroll wages, student employees must be enrolled at least half-time in coursework during the compensated pay period. Additional details. Hire Effective Date Changes Changing a Hire Date: In the event you need to change the effective date of an employee’s hire, please submit a ServiceNow/HELP ticket.  The effective date cannot be adjusted … Read more

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Transfer vs. Terminations Transfers_vs_Terminations_20201104  Knowing when to transfer an employee versus when to terminate an employee is an important distinction in ConnectCarolina with pay, benefits, and potential compliance implications. Transfer: If an employee is moving from one job/position to another within the same department or to a new department without a break in service, the receiving department should submit a Transfer action via the Hire an Employee ePAR. Things to keep in mind with transfers: If the employee should be paid out leave, enter the Applied Termination Codes into TIM based on the effective date of the transfer and based on deadlines on the Payroll calendar. TIM information is fed over in real time so closely monitor leave accruals and leave payouts. If the employee is moving from SHRA to EHRA OR from EHRA to SHRA, both departments should closely monitor employee pay and information in TIM and submit a Service Request for any needed pay corrections when reviewing preliminary payroll. The receiving department HR Rep should first double check the end dates for the employee in the current (or exiting) department before submitting the hire/transfer ePAR. If the transfer is for a student job and the current department needs … Read more

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These slides detail best practices for Student Originators in ConnectCarolina and include information for position overview, pre-hire steps, using the Hire ePAR, job changes and short work breaks, as well as information on fund swaps and expected end dates and terminations.  These slides are from the August 2016 Student Originators Best Practices meeting.

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This self-paced course covers when to use the Change Employment Status ePAR and how to process and submit a student employee termination.

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This reference card contains 13 tips for managing student hires, including working with expected job end dates, the importance of entering actions on time, using positions correctly, and taking care to choose the correct person when entering the hire.  This reference card also contains a table of job codes for managing student hires.

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Introduces the electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR), the form used to enter all HR actions in ConnectCarolina.

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