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This recorded webinar shows changes that are coming with the Finance upgrade in December 2018.  Click to see the slides from the webinar. For more information about the upgrade, go the upgrade webpage.

Type: Webinar Categories: Finance Last Updated: December 5, 2018

What’s New and What’s Changing Many of the changes coming with the upgrade of ConnectCarolina Finance are behind-the-scenes, but there are a few are new features and changes to the way the pages look. Among the most significant changes are an expanded Finance WorkCenter, different field labels in purchasing, a new layout for the Campus Voucher page, and new features for Budgets. More Links in the Finance WorkCenter If you haven’t used the Finance WorkCenter, give it a try. The WorkCenter lets you move quickly between menu options, and with the upgrade, it will have even more of the links you use most, all in one location.  To find it, click the Finance button on the left side of the home page, and then you’ll see Finance WorkCenter as the first option. At the top of the WorkCenter is a folder with the most commonly used pages. Label changes in Purchasing Perhaps the biggest change you’ll notice on December 10 is in Purchasing.  The term “vendor” is being replaced by “supplier” on all pages.  For example, instead “Vendor Catalog,” you’ll see “Supplier Catalog”.  Although the term is changing on most ConnectCarolina pages, you’ll still see ‘vendor’ in a few places.  For example, query names … Read more

Type: Categories: Finance Last Updated: November 14, 2018

This is the PDF Version of the Power Point presentation from the September 14, 2016 HR Liaison’s meeting. The topics covered were FLSA, TIM Upgrade, Multi-Sate Tax Initiative, Self Service for W4s and NC4s, and an update on 2-Step Verification.

Type: Slideshow / Presentation Categories: HR/Payroll Last Updated: September 14, 2016