Reminders and Updates!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to year end processing activities, the Finance Data in InfoPorte will not be updated overnight on June 30, 2016.  The data will be current as of 6/29 and will next be updated Friday night, 7/1. (posted 6/30/16, 1:00pm)

ATTENTION FINANCE USERS: As noted in the Reminder of FYE Deadlines, June 24 was the last day to submit departmentally-approved valid journal entries (departmental, foundations, central offices as appropriate) for non-State funds. Despite the deadline having passed, each day Accounting Services continues to receive campus journal entries. Although ConnectCarolina will not prevent you from entering journal entries, any journal entries submitted after June 24 for June 2016, will not be approved for posting and will be manually deleted by Accounting Services.  Thank you for your help with ensuring that fiscal year-end closing procedures are as smooth as possible.

Fiscal Year End Closing Dates and Procedures – May 26, 2016. A reminder memo (with a deadline change) that provides information concerning the year-end procedures and the dates that documentation must be received for payment in the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2016.

Training Opportunities

  • MOU Lead Year End Budgets Webinar – Watch a recording of the webinar held May 4. This webinar is intended to help MOU Leads prepare for year end.  Topics include: how budgets will be loaded for the new fiscal year, the Automatic Budget Create (ABC) process and general information about budgets and year end.  The webinar slides are also available.
  • Fiscal Year End Webinar Recording – Watch a recording of the webinar held April 13.  This webinar is intended to help get you prepared for year end activities in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte, including changes since last year and queries to help identify “stuck” transactions. The webinar slides are also available.
  • Queries for Cleaning up Transactions – This instructor-led course explains how to run queries in ConnectCarolina to identify “in-flight” transactions that need attention before month-end close.  If you haven’t taken this course or would like a refresher, check the training schedule for upcoming courses and to sign up.

Year End Resources

More 2016 Fiscal Year-End Information is Coming Soon

This page will be a single source of information on how to close out the fiscal year in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte.  It will include important information for year-end, such as:

  • Training, webinars and reference guides for year-end tasks, like clearing up “stuck” transactions
  • Checklists to help you prepare for and close out the year
  • Additional information for managing the year end
  • Links to other University resources