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Getting Help for ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte, and Companion Systems

To get help with ConnectCarolina or InfoPorte, call 919-962-HELP (4357) or visit You can contact the Service Desk when something isn’t working or when you have question about how to do something in ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte, or companion systems like Customer Billing Management (CBM).

Questions related to HR and Finance are forwarded to the Business Systems Service Desk, which is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Questions related to Student Administration are handled 24/7 by the main Information Technology Services (ITS) Service Desk. If the ITS Service Desk can’t answer your question, it will be routed to the team who can.

For information on support levels for each system, refer to the ITS service catalog:

Tips for Contacting the Service Desk

  1. IMG_0534Screenshots are worth a million words. “Screenshots help everyone get on the same page, says Finance lead Joey Ware-Furlow, “and provide evidence if we have to pass along the ticket.”
  2. Paint a picture. Details help the Service Desk prepare and saves time.
  3. Be available for call backs. Especially for critical tickets, try to stay near your phone. If you get what looks like a telemarketing call, “ pick up, it could be us,” says HR/Payroll lead Rhonda Leary. That’s because return calls are routed through a phone system.
  4. Can’t pick up the phone? It’s more effective to resolve issues over the phone, so the Service Desk doesn’t have voicemail set up. If you can’t be reached, Theresa recommends emailing a better time to call back or calling 962-HELP again. That way your ticket won’t be closed after three attempts at contact.
  5. Check your junk mail. Sometimes help ticket-IMG_0529related emails end up in your Junk folder. Be sure to add UNC-CH PTR ( as a safe sender, or check all folders if you’ve submitted a ticket recently.