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Approval Path

  1. Student Records Office validates FERPA training completed.
  2. Graduate or Professional School verifies the business need.
  3. ConnectCarolina Security Team sets up access in ConnectCarolina.

Training Information

Function to Ask for on Access Request FormDescription of the RoleTraining Required (See the Training list above for more information.)
Student Records Base (Campus User)View only base access to Student Records which includes scheduled classes, students’ programs, plans, sub-plans, enrollments, waitlists, and residency classification.FERPA self-paced online course.
Sensitive Student RecordsAccess to Student Service Center grades, transfer credit, Tar Heel TrackerFERPA self-paced online course
Student Program/PlanModify and update students’ programs, plans (majors, 2nd majors, minors, concentrations, other plans), requirement terms and sub‐plans. Grants base view access to Student Services Center (Student). Only view access to the Student Center & General Info tabs are granted.FERPA self-paced online course. Student Records: Program-and-Plan Update Instructor-Led Class
Enroll/Withdraw StudentsEnroll/drop/swap single courses for students during open enrollment; enroll/drop students from a single course during the drop/add period; enroll/drop students from a single course after the registration period closes; work with overrides to process enrollments; view waitlists; cancel existing registrations or withdraw students for one or more terms; and term activate students.FERPA self-paced online course.Registration and Enrollment training Instructor-Led Class. Student Withdrawal/Cancellation Process Training Instructor-Led Class.
Block Enroll StudentsCreate student blocks and course blocks, merge student blocks with course blocks, handle overrides for students in block-enrolled classes, retrieve the results of the block enrollment process, and search for previously-processed block enrollments.FERPA self-paced online course.Student Records: Block Enrollment Instructor-Led Class
Tar Heel TrackerAccess Tar Heel Tracker reports, submit adjustments to students’ Tar Heel Tracker reports, and view previously-submitted adjustments for students.FERPA self-paced online course.Tar Heel Tracker: Basics Instructor-Led Class. Tar Heel Tracker: Adjustments Instructor-Led Class.
Classroom Scheduling/25Live Schedule classes and make changes to previously scheduled classes during the course schedule maintenance window; enter reserve capacities, instructors, and notes; and make limited changes during the extended course schedule maintenance window. FERPA self-paced online course.Course Management Access in ConnectCarolina Instructor-Led Class
Graduation CoordinatorInput comments and update the graduation status of degree candidates in the Graduation module in ConnectCarolina (Grad Tracker). For “graduation coordinators” (most commonly academic advisors) in each school or division. FERPA self-paced online course.Graduation Training Instructor-Led Class
Grade ApproverApprove grade roster of classes for which you are the primary instructor and access the online Grade Change Request page to initiate or approve grade changes. For primary instructors for a course.
Residency – ClassifierUpdate a student record with residency information. For Residency Determination Officers.
Add InstructorAdd approved users to the Instructor Table. FERPA self-paced online course.Course Management Access in ConnectCarolina Instructor-Led Class