ConnectCarolina Student Administration is Experiencing an Outage

We are working to restore ConnectCarolina [component] functionality.  Please review the information below to see what systems are impacted.

The ConnectCarolina Student Center is down.

  • Students will not be able to access or use ConnectCarolina during this outage for any student action such as viewing class schedules or updating personal information.

These companion systems will not be available during the outage:

  • Access from ConnectCarolina to Bill Pay
  • Parent proxies to view student data
  • Access to ConnectCarolina from the CarolinaGO mobile app
  • Access from ConnectCarolina to Credentials, Coursicle, CollegeScheduler
  • Proxy and Authorized Users (third party) Creation and Access

Other Systems Affected by a Student Admin Service Disruption 

  • As noted above.

  • InfoPorte and SAS Visual Analytics reports are available.
  • The ConnectCarolina reporting instance (accessed using the Ad Hoc Reporting (RPT) menu option) will not be available from ConnectCarolina.

You cannot start New Hires during the outage.

There is no impact to Finance Systems.

During the outage, you will not be able to:

  • Create or change an Onyen or Guest ID or change your password
  • Update your listing in the online directory to include emergency contact and phone number for Alert Carolina
  • PID Create
  • PID Inquiry
  • CPPSReg –  Credit Program Registration
  • PDEPReg –  Professional Development Registration
  • CEU – Continuing Education Units
  • FCCPS -Friday Center Central Processing

Administrative Services Supported by ConnectCarolina Student Administration

If Student Administration experiences a service disruption, there may be widespread impact on other systems and functionality inside and outside of ConnectCarolina.  These are listed below.  Julie Dockens is the Enterprise Applications Lead Contact for ConnectCarolina.

System / Functionality
Student Data
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Professional School
Financial Aid and Scholarship Offers and Awards
Enrollment and Registration
Course and Faculty Information
Classroom Scheduling
Official Student Record including
  • Classes
  • Grades
  • Eligibility
  • Immunization
Degree Completion
Connection to Online Degree Programs
Academic Advising and Degree Audit
Student Billing and Payments
Reporting - Enrollment, Tax
Ensuring Compliance with GA requirements incl:
  • GA Student Datamart
  • Participation in UNC Residency Determination Application
Additional functions to ensure compliance with Federal, State and other Regulatory Requirements
Document Imaging
Departmental Systems including 1) CORE Lab order entry and billing and 2) Departmental Workflow
System Security
International Students and Scholar Tracking and Federal Reporting

For Questions or Problems

Contact the Service Desk at 919-962-HELP or  Outage notifications will be posted on the ConnectCarolina landing page (the page you see when you go to and on the home page of ConnectCarolina