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Scheduled ConnectCarolina Finance Outage

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please review the information below to see what services are impacted.


These companion systems will not be available during the outage:

  • Web Travel
  • Unit Accounting System (UAS)
  • Vendor Invoice Submission Page (VISP)
  • Customer Billing Management (CBM) and Bill Presentation


Other Systems Affected by a Finance Service Disruption

BuyCarolina Ordering 

  • BuyCarolina orders cannot be placed or changed during the outage because they are part of the ConnectCarolina Finance system.
  • Airgas orders can be placed by emailing the, which is routed to Teresa Suggs (919-544-3772 ext 311) or Jason Newhouse (919-544-3772 ext 312). Airgas will handle the orders over the outage period and work through the technical process after Connect Carolina is back up and running.
  • Arc3 orders cannot be placed or changed during the outage because they are part of the ConnectCarolina Finance system. For emergencies contact: Arc3 Customer Service at 919 682-4527   

TIM and Viewing Paychecks   

  • Faculty, staff and student employees will not be able to use the Self-Service functions such as View Paycheck during the outage.
  • The TIM system will be available, but you will not be able to access it using the link in ConnectCarolina. If you need to use TIM during the outage, go to

Other Systems Affected by a HR/Payroll Service Disruption

Click on the buttons below for detailed information on systems impacted.

  • Queries, BI Publisher and Envision Reports cannot be accessed at this time due to the outage.

No Impact

   No Impact

No impact

No Impact

 No impact

Administrative Services Supported by ConnectCarolina Finance

If Finance experiences a service disruption, there may be widespread impact on other systems and functionality inside and outside of ConnectCarolina.  These are listed below.  Becky Arnold is the Enterprise Applications Lead Contact for ConnectCarolina.

Finance FunctionalityNon-ConnectCarolina Finance Functionality
Procurement including
  • Purchasing
  • Vendor Catalog Order Entry
  • Disbursements
  • Asset Management
TouchNet – vendor application for Student Billing and campus credit card processing via internet
Accounts Receivable for
  • Student Charges
  • Departmental Receipts
  • Grants and Contracts
Customer Billing Management (CBM) – web application to manage inner departmental billing
Grant and Contract Financial Management and ReportingBill Presentation – web application for campus reporting of inner departmental billing
General LedgerGraduate Student Health Insurance Program (GShip) – ConnectCarolina custom app to manage Graduate Student Health Insurance
Institutional Financial ReportingUnit Accounting System (UAS) – web application to track and report investment pools
Budgetary ControlsOn-line paystub – web application for faculty/staff to review paystubs prior to Oct. 2014
Internal Charges and TransfersSurplus Property Management System (SPMS) – vendor application to track/sell surplus goods
Management ReportingEcommerce – web application to manage recurring vendor transactions to charge campus
Non-Payroll Tax ReportingFacilities Management Enterprise (FME) Storeroom – vendor application to manage inventory for Dental/Mini Storerooms (upgrading to AiM spring 2018)
Maintaining compliance with Federal, State and other Regulatory RequirementsWeb Travel – web application to process travel and central airfare
Time Information Management (TIM) – vendor application (Kronos) for time / leave tracking
PCard – web application to manage purchase card transactions
WindStar – vendor application for alien reportingFlexible Routing Electronic Documents (FRED) – web application for work flow in WebTravel and PCard
Vendor Invoice Submission (VISP) – web application to allow vendors and campus to submit invoices to Accounts Payable
Finan$eer – web application for access to legacy (prior to Oct 2014) GL transactions
ePrint – vendor application to access legacy financial/payroll reports


For Questions or Problems

Contact the Service Desk at 919-962-HELP or  Outage notifications will be posted on the ConnectCarolina landing page (the page you see when you go to and on the home page of ConnectCarolina