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The ConnectCarolina training team offers additional courses by request. The buttons below provide course descriptions and details about how to register.

Course Duration
1.5 hours

This course is for staff who have the Access Request Coordinator role. The Access Request Coordinator role is assigned by your school or division’s Vice Chancellor or Dean.


This instructor-led course explains how to enter and submit access requests for student administration, human resources, and finance for ConnectCarolina and related systems. The course also covers the forms to use, the signatures needed, and the approval paths for requests.

Before You Can Be Registered for this Class

  1. Work with your ARC to get access to the ARC role.
  2. Verify that you have access to the ARC role in InfoPorte by clicking the Tools tab and then making sure you have the Access Request tab.
  3. Once you have access to the Access Request tab, email ConnectCarolina Training at and indicate you want to take this course.