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ConnectCarolina keeps moving forward!  The ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll system is moving to an upgraded software version in March. You may remember that the Student Administration application made the move in October, 2017, and the Finance upgrade will likely occur before the end of 2018. There are important security, accessibility and functional reasons for the upgrade but the look of the screens will be very similar to what you see now.

You need to know…

ConnectCarolina Outage:  Friday, March 2, 5:00 pm until Monday, March 5, 7:00 am

During the weekend transition, all ConnectCarolina systems will be unavailable.  Listing all of the specific system impacts here would require you to scroll (a lot). Your best bet for all things related to the HR/Payroll upgrade is to visit the HR/Payroll Upgrade page on CCinfo.

You cannot access W-2 forms during the outage.  We realize that the ConnectCarolina outage occurs during tax preparation season so if you need the online version of your W-2 or your paystubs, please download them before 5:00 pm on Friday, March 2.

You will notice a few changes…

  • The HR/Payroll screens sport a slightly different look: muted colors, longer description fields, wider layout and some alignment changes.
  • There are some changes that are specific to a person’s role in the system and the screens that they can access.  If you are affected by any of these changes, you will receive an email with more details.
  • Human Resource Representatives will have access to funding information on jobs and position data pages.

Learn More at the HR/Payroll Upgrade on

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