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Calendar page with 31Here are some resources to help you learn how to to close out a month and the fiscal year in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte.

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A reference card contains checklists on processing requisitions and processing vouchers for month-end and year-end.

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Fiscal Year-End 2021 Task Checklist for Campus

A reference card has tools and activities to help ensure you are prepared for fiscal year end.

FYE 2021 Task Checklist for Campus

Fiscal Year-End 2021 Closing Dates and Procedures

This memo for Deans, Directors and Department Chairs provides information concerning fiscal year-end procedures and dates by which documentation must be received for payment in fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.

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Preparing for Year-End Close: Reviewing Open Transactions Guide

This student guide shows how to use queries to identify open transactions and steps to take to close “stuck” transactions.

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Queries for Reviewing Open Transactions Quick Reference List

This reference card lists the available queries you can run to find open transactions at month-end and year-end close.

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Queries for Cleaning up Transactions

This instructor-led course explains how to run queries in ConnectCarolina to identify “in-flight” transactions that need attention before month-end close. If you haven’t taken this course or would like a refresher, visit the Register for a Class page to check the training schedule for upcoming courses and sign up.

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