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Last Chance for Eligible Employees to Convert to EHRA

Posted 1 day ago

In April 2019, roughly 500 IT professional employees were given the option to change their employment status from SHRA to EHRA.  This was the result of the North Carolina General Assembly expanding the exemptions under the North Carolina Human Resources Act to include University information technology professional positions. The … Continued

Carolina Performance Tips for Managers

Posted 1 day ago

We’re about halfway through the 2020-2021 performance review period and we want to share a few tips for managers as you work through the performance reviews, development plans and goal setting for your EHRA non-faculty employees. Managers have already assigned over 21,000 goals … Continued

Limited Use of Vouchers for Student Payments

Posted 1 day ago

Employees who have  access to enter student payments in Accounts Payable (AP) were invited to a Changes to Student Award Payments for Voucher Preparers webinar to learn more about the changes being made to student payments.  When UNC-matriculated students receive payment for their academic benefit, … Continued

ConnectCarolina Online Help Available

Posted 1 day ago

Have you ever found yourself working on a task in ConnectCarolina and questioning what the next step is? Keep in mind that searchable online help is available without logging out of ConnectCarolina. From any page in ConnectCarolina, you can click … Continued