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New Training Added to Carolina Talent Learning

Posted 2 months ago

Last summer, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) launched Carolina Talent Learning, which gave permanent employees the opportunity to manage LinkedIn Learning, Office of Human Resources, and the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office learning opportunities. We’re checking back in to tell you … Continued

A Simplified Background Check Process – Update

Posted 2 months ago

Did you know that UNC-Chapel Hill conducts an average of 8,300 background checks a year? You may be surprised by that number until you consider that background checks are required for faculty, permanent and temporary employees, UNC independent contractors, unpaid … Continued

“There’s a Scheduled ConnectCarolina Outage…”

Posted 2 months ago

There’s a Scheduled ConnectCarolina Outage… When you see that message on the ConnectCarolina Notifications or Announcement tiles, you probably check the date and time, and notice that, most of the time, it’s not occurring during work hours. When you log … Continued