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Group Considers Actions to Simplify System Access Requests

Posted 2 months ago

In early spring 2022, a group led by Mechelle Clayton, Interim AVC of Enterprise Applications, met to discuss ways to simplify the access request process. They started by asking for feedback from campus users, central offices, ARCs, and others so … Continued

NEW! Print More than one Paystub at a Time

Posted 2 months ago

Starting May 6, ConnectCarolina lets employees view or print multiple paystubs at the same time. Previously, employees accessed their paystubs through ConnectCarolina by signing on and clicking the drop-down Self-Service option at the top of their home screen.  Once on this screen, … Continued

Updated Duo Prompt Increases Accessibility and Usability

Posted 3 months ago

As part of a continuing effort to increase accessibility and improve usability, Duo is releasing an updated version of its Web-based prompt. The latest version will have a different look and some changes in functionality, so the change, starting May … Continued

Agree to Terms of Use Annually

Posted 5 months ago

Do you remember accepting the Terms of Use agreement when you first received access to work in ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or Tarheel Reports?  It may be a long time since you checked that box, and yet, the Terms of Use should … Continued