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All faculty and staff who use ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or Tarheel Reports to do any part of their work must agree to the Terms of Use. Prior to February 2022, staff and faculty agreed to the Terms of Use when they first received system access.

Starting in February 2022, you will need to accept Terms of Use annually.

Reviewing and accepting Terms of Use is required for anyone who:

  • has an administrative, reporting or faculty role in the system (that is, more access than the self-service options like displaying a pay stub, signing up for a class), and
  • hasn’t agreed to the Terms of Use in the past year.

Why Are You Required to Do It Annually?

The policy explains your responsibility for using the systems appropriately to ensure proper protection and use of all information stored within the systems.  Requiring review of the policy annually is to serve as reminder of your responsibilities and ensure the integrity of University data.

When You Need to Take Action

Between January 28 and February 15, 2022, if you haven’t accepted the Terms of Use within the past year, you’ll see a banner message in ConnectCarolina indicating that it’s time to accept the Terms of Use.  Agreeing to the Terms of Use removes the message.

After February 15, 2022, if you haven’t accepted the Terms of Use within the past year, you’ll be directed to the Terms of Use page when you sign in to ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or Tarheel Reports. If you decline to agree to the Terms of Use, the system you were attempting to access will log you out, and you won’t be able to access any part of the system (including the self-service options) until you agree to the Terms of Use.

Proactively Accept the Terms of Use

If you haven’t agreed to the Terms of Use recently and need to, you don’t have to wait for the message to display.

To proactively accept Terms of Use, sign into ConnectCarolina and navigate as follows:

  1. Expand the NavBar by clicking the icon in the upper right-hand corner:   Compass navigation icon in ConnectCaroling
  2. Once expanded, select the Terms of Use Policy icon, at the bottom of the displayed icons.
    Navigation bar options with icons.
  3. Click the link to review the Terms of Use and then check the box to agree to the terms of use. The button changes to Confirm after you check the box.
  4. Click the Confirm button.