Looking Ahead to Spring

January 22, 2019

The comment that we hear most frequently on the ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte annual survey is that ConnectCarolina is challenging to navigate. Now that we are using the newest version of PeopleSoft (the software that is the foundation for ConnectCarolina), we can … Continued

Skip the Menu and Go Directly to the WorkCenters

January 22, 2019

Save a few clicks here and a few there and they start to add up. ConnectCarolina Finance, HR and Student Administration WorkCenters now give you an easy way to move from one page to another. If you are still using … Continued

Finance Upgrade: What’s New and What’s Changing?

November 16, 2018

Many of the changes coming with the upgrade of ConnectCarolina Finance are behind-the-scenes, but there are a few are new features and changes to the way the pages look. Among the most significant changes are an expanded Finance WorkCenter, different field … Continued

Before the Finance Upgrade: Testing and More Testing

November 16, 2018

Did you know that any time we make changes to ConnectCarolina, we go through multiple rounds of testing with groups all across campus? This Finance upgrade is no different. Testing started in July and is continuing through the end of this month.  … Continued

Upcoming ConnectCarolina Outage

November 16, 2018

As with the previous upgrades of Student Administration and Human Resources applications, the move to the latest version of the Finance software requires a ConnectCarolina outage. There are some differences between this outage and the last two: The outage is … Continued

Making the Connections at the ConnectCarolina User Conference

November 1, 2018

“Making the Connections” was not just the theme of the 2018 ConnectCarolina User Conference, it proved to be the aspect participants found most meaningful. Thursday, October 18, nearly 700 participants, speakers, volunteers, and vendors spent the day sharing information with and … Continued

ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte Annual Survey

November 1, 2018

Please Give Us 5 Minutes To Share Your Thoughts This survey is for everyone who uses ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte. It isn’t related to the recent User Conference. Please take this opportunity to let us know how ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte are working … Continued

Two Big Changes Happening for ConnectCarolina

October 9, 2018

We have exciting things happening behind the scenes right now in ConnectCarolina. Soon, when you log in to ConnectCarolina, you’ll notice a new look and feel. The changes will be noticeable to anyone (except faculty who already have a new look … Continued