This webinar explains the three factors used when salary projections are calculated.

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These slides are intended for principal investigators and research administrators and can be presented at meetings to introduce the PI Dashboard.

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This document shows the process for fixing project or grant-related campus journals with budget errors that route to OSR for approval.

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This document shows where the information on the original PI Dashboard is located on the new PI Dashboard in InfoPorte.  For more information about the new PI Dashboard, refer to the Working With the PI Dashboard reference card.

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Principal investigators (PIs) will automatically have access to the PI Dashboard in InfoPorte, as long as they are the lead PI for at least one sponsored project. Research administrators can have access to see the same view as the PIs that he or she supports. When you are setting up a research administrator’s access to dashboards, you need to grant access for each PI individually. Follow these steps to grant a research administrator access to a PI’s dashboard:

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During the 2016-2017 academic year, ConnectCarolina support staff shifted their focus from post-go-live stabilization support for finance, human resources and payroll applications to enhancing functionality, providing new reporting capabilities, and improving the usability of the system. Both campus and central administrative users benefited from the team’s efforts. This report highlights some of the most significant improvements and successes.

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In this webinar, we discuss two new OSR reports for campus users. Learn about the OSR Invoice Listing report that lists all the invoices that have been provided to sponsors. This report helps you with award and contract closeout. We will also discuss the OSR Contract GL Expense and Budget report which shows the balance of a project based on approved, completed transactions.

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Slides used in the November 2, 2016 OSR reports webinar. Webinar covers the OSR Invoice Listing report and the OSR GL Expense and Budget report.

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The budget balances on these reports are based on approved, finalized, posted transactions to the GL Actuals ledger through a specific fiscal year and period Two reports: One version of this report lets you search on project ID, the other on contract number Each report displays OSR expenditures grouped by type of expense

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Shows all invoices that have been processed through the ConnectCarolina billing system for OSR for a given project, contract, sponsor, or principal investigator Based on actual, posted transactions to the general ledger Shows all invoices created in the system since go-live on October 1, 2014 Invoices prior to October 1, 2014 were billed from other systems, so you’ll need to check with OSR on those if you have questions This is a SAS Web Report Studio report in InfoPorte located on the OSR Campus Reports tab

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