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In early spring 2022, a group led  by Mechelle Clayton, Interim AVC of Enterprise Applications, met to discuss ways to simplify the access request process. They started by asking for feedback from campus users, central offices, ARCs, and others so they could understand the pain points and used that feedback to identify requirements and set priorities for changes to the current process and tools. Some of the pain points raised are: Security Roles: There are too many security roles, and descriptions are unclear. Combine roles into groups for easier selection and maintenance. Manual Processes: Current processes are manual. Paper forms and keying data into the system is time-consuming and often lead to errors and missing or conflicting information. Automating assignment of security access for new employees, employee terminations, and employee transfers into new positions would speed up the processes and result in cleaner role assignments. Documentation and Training: There is confusion about how to sign up for training and where to find help documentation. Navigation and Tracking: Access Resource Coordinators (ARCs)across Finance, HR/Payroll, Student Administration, and departments use different approaches for managing access requests. It’s difficult to track when an employee has completed the mandatory training, and it isn’t easy … Read more

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Double-Check Your Home Address Your home address is where the University sends your benefits correspondence and printed tax forms. Please take a minute to double-check your home address in the campus directory and update it if needed. Sign in to ConnectCarolina and click the drop-down arrow in the top blue header to select the Self Service home page. From there, click the Personal Information tile, and then the Addresses option on the left side of the Personal Information screen. Verify that your home address is correct and click the red pencil icon next to your home address if you need to make changes. If you make changes, be sure to click OK at the bottom of the Edit Address page, and then Save. Be sure to update your home address before winter break to make sure your tax forms are delivered to the correct address. Opt Out of a Printed a W-2 You can opt out of receiving a paper W-2 form and instead download an electronic copy from the ConnectCarolina Self-Service menu when W-2s are released. To double-check that you’ve made a selection, log in to ConnectCarolina and from the Self Service home page in ConnectCarolina, click the My Pay … Read more

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On May 20, when students and staff logged in to ConnectCarolina, they found new home pages and a new way to get around in the system.  Even the log in page was new and modern.  The change to ConnectCarolina, dubbed the ConnectCarolina Makeover, was the culmination of months of work by the ConnectCarolina team to upgrade to the newest version of the software behind ConnectCarolina. The feedback we received immediately after the new look went live was that the makeover was well received.  Janet Rupert, Director of Accounts Payable and Travel Services commented “We are running smoothly.  Thank you so much for your time and energy in making this an easy transition.”  Carol McDonnell, Associate Director at the Friday Center for Continuing Education, told the team “…Other navigation screens are definitely different (but better) for the tiles.” However, like most major software upgrades, it wasn’t without a few bumps in the road.  The first few days saw some lagging performance, but the team worked with those who reported slowness and were able to make some changes to improve the performance. We also heard from those of you who use the Worklist tile that it wasn’t intuitive and caused a few … Read more

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Starting a new position is stressful and learning a new system at the same time can be all the more overwhelming. Join Cortney Alston of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Finance & Operations team as she provides insight on how to get the most out of onboarding new employees to PeopleSoft. New employee orientation often includes training on the organization’s policies and procedures as well as PeopleSoft. This session describes how the Finance & Operations team leverages best practices and current trends to increase engagement, retention, and improvement of PeopleSoft orientation training for staff in new Finance roles. To just view the slides from this presentation, click here.

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ho: Any administrative user who has the need to upload attachments in their work. What: The Document Management team will review some ‘tips and tricks’ that may be helpful in determining what scanner settings to use when creating documents (if you are scanning). We will look at which settings ensure the document is optimized in size and visual clarity. Will also show the same documents, scanned with different settings to demonstrate the options and implications of what might be used. This session should be beneficial regardless of which system you use!

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This presentation is an overview of the 2-Step Authentication and why it is so important in our environment.

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As part of the Spring 2018 census activities, there will be an outage of the Student Administration component of ConnectCarolina on Tuesday, January 30th, starting at 5:00 pm and ending around 12:00 am. Census is the official date the University reports enrollment. Faculty, students and staff will not be able to access ConnectCarolina Student Center during this time. Finance functions are not affected by this outage, but the Hire ePAR form for HR/Payroll is affected, as are some services related to Onyen, PID and Guest ID. List of affected ConnectCarolina applications  During the January 30th outage, these ConnectCarolina applications may experience limited or no functionality: Student Administration Third-Party Proxy Access ePAR hire form TouchNet (students and third-party proxies cannot pay bills; applicants cannot pay enrollment deposits) Some Guest ID and Onyen update services PID Create UNC Directory (lookups available but not updates) UNC Online applications for enrollment (Summer School, Nursing, Part-time Studies, etc.) Friday Center applications (CPPSReg, PDEPReg, CEU, FCCPS)   If you have questions or problems … Contact the Service Desk at 919-962-HELP or To see the most up-to-date system status, go to  

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Have You Registered for 2-Step

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During the 2016-2017 academic year, ConnectCarolina support staff shifted their focus from post-go-live stabilization support for finance, human resources and payroll applications to enhancing functionality, providing new reporting capabilities, and improving the usability of the system. Both campus and central administrative users benefited from the team’s efforts. This report highlights some of the most significant improvements and successes.

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Slides from the HR User Group Meeting on 12/7/16. These slides cover: short work breaks, student stats, legislative increases, ARP and Bonuses update, FLSA status change, DUO registration, phishing emails, and improvements to CCinfo.

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