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 It’s only been three months, but the start of the Fall 2020 semester seems like lightyears ago. The priority, then and now, is to maximize a safe and healthy environment for us to teach, work, learn and live in. Although the decision was made to move learning off-campus early in the Fall semester, the foundation was laid in ConnectCarolina to help staff manage information about COVID-related changes to the academic calendar, class schedules, course details and more.     Last summer, the ConnectCarolina Student Administration team, led by Maribel Carrion, rose to meet the challenge of collecting, coding and providing updated information to students, faculty and staff. That included changes such as:   a compressed academic calendar,   longer instructional days to allow extra time for students to travel between on-campus classes,   reassigning classrooms to meet COVID-19 capacity recommendations, and  the addition of new ways for faculty to deliver instruction.     ConnectCarolina, as the system of record for the University, is the place where all this updated information resides. Did you know that moving the Fall 2021 term start date from August 18 to August 10 led to nearly 11,000 updates to the start dates of classes? It also meant more than 40,000 updates to student records, because each class they registered for had to be updated with the date changes, and each time the mode of instruction changed.    The team is now building on that foundation to prepare for Spring 2021 registration and the start of the semester.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at what the Student Administration team is working on.      Updated the Modes of Instruction & Class Details page  … Continued

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“If I attend UNC, what Financial Aid package will I receive?”  It’s a question that’s always remained unanswered for students and their families for a week, month or more after they receive their admission offer. That’s about to change thanks to a process improvement project led by The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid in collaboration with ITS Enterprise Applications.  One of the primary objectives of the project is to make financial aid package information available to prospective students at the same time as they are offered admission.  An equally important objective is to automate the processes for packaging financial aid as much as possible. Getting information for prospective students earlier, combined with automating routine work, will give the Enrollment and Scholarships and Student Aid staff more time to  focus on their core mission: to help advise students and families so they can have a full Carolina experience and successfully complete graduation. The significant benefits of this project for the University were noted by Rachelle Feldman, Interim Vice Provost of Enrollment and Undergraduate Admissions and Associate Provost for Scholarships and Student Aid: “I think this will be one of the most important and transformative technology projects, affecting students and student … Continued

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This reference card explains how to use the Student Services Managers Facility Report in Tableau.  This report, intended for Student Services Managers across campus, shows class information such as the room the class is schedule to meet in, if applicable, and the type of instruction.

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This help document shows the pages and information that you can access in the Graduate Student Tracking Hub.

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This quick reference card explains what a term code is and the pattern that these codes follow for identifying a term.

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January 7, 2019 Welcome Back Faculty! As you settle back into the swing of things, we’d like to share a quick refresher for accessing your Schedule and Class Roster in ConnectCarolina. For additional information on emailing students from the Faculty Center check out the Start of Semester Quick Start Guide on   Please contact or 919-962-HELP if you have issues accessing your class information. Thank you, The ConnectCarolina Team  

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The GradStar session will cover an introduction to the system, the latest updates and enhancements, and how GradStar awards affect a student’s financial aid. To just view the slides from this presentation, click here.

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The Curriculum Inventory Management system, aka “CIM” (pronounced “Kim”), is the University’s new tool for submitting and reviewing course proposals. CIM integrates with both the University Catalog and ConnectCarolina. This session will take a closer look at the course form, workflow, and the approval process. We will discuss new features available in CIM including request rollbacks, reporting, and course number changes. Additionally, this session will highlight advanced features that will be available in future years, including parallel workflows and voting tools for department-level curriculum committees. Learn more about CIM so that you can promote this new tool to your faculty and staff. To just view the slides from this presentation, click here.

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Designed and developed exclusively for higher education admissions Slate handles online applications, online reading, and online decisions ensuring that every aspect of the admissions process benefit. With a few easy steps you can review and manage all interactions, communications, applications, test scores, relationships, and materials, in one comprehensive area. More than 1 billion email and text messages are sent through Slate each year. Plan and organize travel, schedule events with customizable templates, and automate communications and reminders to prospective students, registrants, and affiliates. To just view the slides from this presentation, click here.

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Come to this session to see a preview of the new “look and feel” for ConnectCarolina that is coming your way in December. This session is of interest to anyone works in ConnectCarolina except faculty members, who already have the new look and feel. The coming changes allow the ConnectCarolina team to tailor the home page to groups of users, such as all students or everyone who works with HR content. The changes also pave the way for a more mobile-friendly and easier-to-use navigation in the future.

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