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Resource Categories: Finance, HR/Payroll, Student Admin
Version Date: November 3, 2021

Double-Check Your Home Address for Tax Forms

Your home address (not your mailing address) is where the University sends your printed tax forms (1098-T and W-2).  Please take a minute to double-check your home address in the campus directory and update it if needed.  To do that, sign in to ConnectCarolina and from the Self Service (employees) or the Student home page, click the Personal Information tile, and then the Addresses option on the left side of the Personal Information screen.

Verify that your home address is correct and click the red pencil icon next to your home address if you need to make changes. If you make changes, be sure to click OK at the bottom of the Edit Address page, and then Save. Please update your home address prior to winter break to guarantee your tax forms are delivered to your desired address.

Opt Out of Printed Tax Forms 

You can choose to opt out of printed W-2 and 1098-T forms and get them electronically only.

Opt out of printed 1098-Ts: The IRS requires the University to issue Form 1098-T, “Tuition Payments Statement,” to each student by January 31. The 1098-T form helps you determine whether you are eligible to claim a tax deduction or one of the education tax credits on your federal income tax return.

  • From the Student home page in ConnectCarolina, click the Student Finances Click the drop-down menu under the Student Financials section and choose View 1098T, and then click the double arrow button.  At the bottom of the next page, click the Grant Consent button and follow the instructions from there.

 Opt out of printed W-2s:  If you are a student and an employee, you can choose to opt out of receiving a paper W-2 form and instead download an electronic copy from the ConnectCarolina Self-Service menu when W-2s are released. The W-2 form reports wages paid to you and taxes withheld.

  • From the Self Service home page in ConnectCarolina, click the My Pay and Taxes tile, and then W-2/W2c Consent. Follow the instructions on the screen to stop receiving printed W-2s.
  • To find W-2 FAQs and forms, visit the tax forms webpage.

Create a UNC Email Address for Communications from the University

The University uses your official UNC email address to communicate with you regarding tuition bills, financial aid and more. Faculty members also use your official UNC email address to communicate about your courses. If you don’t have a UNC email address, go to and follow the instructions for Email Sign-Up.

If you need help with updating your address, opting out of printed documents, or creating a UNC email address, give the Service Desk a call at 919-962-HELP (962-4357).

Double-Check Your Emergency Contact Information

Be sure to provide contact information for at least one relative or friend to ensure that the University has someone to reach out to in the event of an emergency. To check that your emergency contact’s information is correct, start from the Self Service home page in ConnectCarolina. From there, click the Personal Information tile, and then the Emergency Contacts option on the left side of the screen.

  • If you need to change the information for your emergency contact, click the red pencil icon next to your emergency contact’s name. If you make changes be sure to click Save, then OK and then Save again.
  • You can include information for two people, and in the event of an emergency, the University will attempt to contact them in the order listed. To add a second contact, click the Add an Emergency Contact button and enter their name, address and phone numbers. Then click Save, then OK and then Save again.

Student Option: Set up Electronic Refunds (Direct Deposit)

The safest and quickest way to receive tuition refunds is to sign up for Electronic Refund rather than receiving a printed check.

NOTE: Even if you’re already receiving direct deposits for paychecks through Human Resources, you also need to sign up for electronic refunds to receive credit balances from your student account (for financial aid awards).

You can find instructions for setting up electronic refunds in ConnectCarolina.

    • From the Student home page click the Manage/Pay Student Account link on the Student HomePage Links tile.
    • Complete 2-Step Verification security steps and click the Continue to Pay Bills – Manage Student Accounts button.
    • Click the Refund Account Setup link in the top section of the Student Account page and follow instructions from there. Visit the University Cashier’s web page to find detailed instructions for setting up direct deposit.

Student Option: Set Up Personal Pronouns and Gender Identity

Students have the option to designate preferred pronouns and preferred gender identity. Currently, these designations are visible on student’s Pronouns/Gender Identity page in the Personal Information tile as well as on the class roster for faculty use.  As new locations display these values, we will note them here.

Go to your Personal Information tile and click Pronouns/Gender Identity for more info.  Click here to read the University’s Policy on Gender-Inclusive Language.