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The buttons below provide access to materials that will help Health Care Systems Administrators learn useful ways to gather information from ConnectCarolina.

As an HCS Administrator, you need to complete the following steps before you’re granted access in ConnectCarolina.

1. Request Access

Work with your Access Request Coordinator (ARC), who can submit an access request for you.

Find Your ARC
2. Complete FERPA Training

Click the button below to access the instructions for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act training.

Access the Course
3. Complete ConnectCarolina Training

HCS Administrators need to complete training before receiving access in the system. Click the buttons below to access the self-paced training courses.

CourseCourse Links
ConnectCarolina 101: Getting Started and Accessing ConnectCarolinaStart the Course
ConnectCarolina 101: Navigating ConnectCarolinaStart the Course
HR OverviewStart the Course
Finding and Reviewing an ePARStart the Course
Searching for Employees' Job and Position InformationStart the Course
4. Complete Terms of Use
You will be prompted to complete this task when your access request is complete and you log in to ConnectCarolina for the first time.

This guide provides an introduction to ConnectCarolina and the basic steps for seeing information about a position or and employee’s job as well as how to find and review an ePAR.

Open the Guide

ConnectCarolina 101: Getting Started and Accessing ConnectCarolina

This self-paced course explains what ConnectCarolina is, how to sign on and off and manage your session, how employee roles determine system access and how to secure your session.

Start the Course

ConnectCarolina 101: Navigating ConnectCarolina

This self-paced course covers topics such as accessing and navigating the system, working with Favorites, using search functions and working in multiple sessions.

Start the Course

ConnectCarolina 101 Reference

This reference card summarizes basic information for using ConnectCarolina.

Open the Guide

ConnectCarolina Tips and Tricks

This guide provides shortcuts and tips for using ConnectCarolina.

Open the Guide

HR Overview

This self-paced course explains the relationship between the person, position, and job in ConnectCarolina. It also covers the ePAR forms used to submit HR actions.

Start the Course

Finding and Reviewing an ePAR

This self-paced course explains how you can use ConnectCarolina to review ePAR forms.

Start the Course

ePAR Overview

This guide introduces the electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR), which is the form used to enter all HR actions in ConnectCarolina.

Open the Guide

Tips for Searching ePARs

This guide provides tips for searching ePARs.

Open the Guide

Printing an ePar form

This guide explains how to print an ePAR form.

Open the Guide

Searching for Employees’ Job and Position Information

This self-paced course explains how to locate job and position information using ConnectCarolina

Start the Course

Viewing an Employee’s Job Data

Review general information about how to view current, future, and some historical employment transaction information (Job Data) for a specific employee.

Open the Reference Card

Chartfields 101 – Understanding ConnectCarolina Chartfields

This self-paced course explains the chartfield structure in ConnectCarolina, including a thorough description and examples of each chartfield.

Start the Course

Chartfield Structure Reference

This reference card explains the University’s chartfield structure.

Open the Reference Card