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ConnectCarolina Newsletter Archive

September 23, 2021: Full Position Management | Class Registration Changes | Mid-Cycle Reviews | GradStar-Phase 2 | Benefits Open Enrollment

July 23, 2021: Vouchers for Student Payments | Carolina Performance Tips for Managers | Student Pronouns to Appear on More ConnectCarolina Pages | SHRA to ERHA Conversion | Online Help | Updates and FYI

May 19, 2021: Getting Ready for In-Person, On-Campus Classes | Changes to Student Award Payments | Academic Progress Reports Keep the Conversation Going | Preferred Names on Diplomas

March 18, 2021: Performance Management | Outages | New Background Check Process | New Training in Carolina Talent Learning | Concur | Retro Pay Distribution

January 27, 2021:  The Move to Tar Heel Reports | Student Requirements Dashboard | Updates: W-2s and Census Outage

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – January 17, 2019    Payroll Calendar, Spring Census, WorkCenters, New “Tiles” Look

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – February 27, 2019   ConnectCarolina Makeover, ePro Supplier Guide, Independent Contractors, Academic Term Codes

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – March 26, 2019   ConnectCarolina Makeover, Design Survey, Affiliates Report Guide

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – April 26, 2019  ConnectCarolina Makeover (Design, Pit Events, Webinars), Amazon Business FAQ Guide

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – May 9, 2019 ConnectCarolina Makeover Special Edition (Things to Know, FAQ, Video Links, What Testers Are Saying)

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – June 25, 2019 After the ConnectCarolina Makeover, Tips & Tricks, Update for ARCs, Benefits Tile, CC Forum Discussion, and more.

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – August 12, 2019  ePAR Attachments, InfoPorte Access, Faculty Guide, Fall Census

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – September 23, 2019   ConnectCarolina Academic Year Report, Webinar -Independent Contractors, Quick Tips, Information for Employee Funding, 2-Step Security Update

ConnectCarolina Newsletter -October 24, 2019  Purchasing Reports | Total Rewards Summary| Spring Enrollment | Benefits Open Enrollment | Independent Contractor Webinar Recording | ePAR Search

ConnectCarolina Newsletter -December 11, 2019    Coming Soon-Changes for Students | Seeing the Last Month Closed Status | ServiceNow Tips

ConnectCarolina Newsletter -January 17, 2018 : UPDATED: Bookmark ConnectCarolina, New Training, Census Outage, Voucher & Purchase Req Changes

ConnectCarolina Newsletter -April 13, 2018 : Better Reporting of Finance Actuals, Faculty Portal, Performance Management in ConnectCarolina
ConnectCarolina Newsletter -April 17, 2018 : HR/Payroll Upgrade, TIM Access, Landing Page Update, “Most” Lunches
ConnectCarolina Newsletter – May 2, 2018  Time for 2-Step Verification, Entering Grades in the Faculty Portal

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – June 12, 2018  Preparing for Fiscal Year End, ConnectCarolina User Conference, A Single Source of Finance Actuals

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – July 18, 2018  Reconcile Fiscal Year 2018, ConnectCarolina User Conference, P-Card Changes, Central Leave Pool

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – August 29, 2018  User Conference, Year-End Review, Census, Finance Reporting Training, Improvements to HR Reports

ConnectCarolina Newsletter -October 9, 2018  ConnectCarolina & InfoPorte Survey, User Conference, ConnectCarolina Changes

ConnectCarolina Newsletter – November 16, 2018  Special Edition: ConnectCarolina Finance Upgrade