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Current Issues Being Worked

Issue that can’t be resolved within a day are listed on this page.  Newly identified issues are first posted on the ConnectCarolina home page in the Notifications section.

When an issue is closed, it moves to the Archived and Closed Issues list.

IssueDate PostedSymptomStatus
I get an error message when I try to see reports that are older than 1 day in Report Manager.3/20/21A pop-up box displays asking me if I want to save my changes, and when I click No, I get an error message and can’t go further.Fix: To see a report in Report Manager that’s older than one day, you first need to save the report search results. You will see a new pop-up message box asking if you want to save your search changes — click Yes. This should not be a problem for reports created after 3/22/2021. For details and screenshots, copy and paste the link below in your browser. "Viewing Older Reports in Report Manager"
The scroll bar disappears in Connect Carolina using Internet Explorer.3/20/21If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, the scroll bar disappears when you change your screen size (minimize – maximize). This issue is specific to Internet Explorer.Fix: Refresh the page and the scroll bar will reappear. You’ll need to refresh each time you resize your screen, so you may want to make it a practice to stick to a screen window size that works best for you.
The ‘Return to Worklist’ link is broken after approving an ePar from the Worklist.5/22/19You get an error or taken to another version of the worklist that is different.
ConnectCarolina was updated so 1) when users click on the worklist it opens in a separate tab and 2) when a user clicks on an ePAR to approve it also opens in a separate tab. You should not use “Return to Worklist” and instead once an ePAR has been approved, close the tab and open the next ePAR to work.
The Close (X) icon is missing on the Funding Data window when using the HR WorkCenter.
5/23/19When you open the Funding Data link from the HR WorkCenter the Close (X) icon isn't there, but it is there when you get there from the Navigator.Work around: If you're accessing the Funding Data link through the HR WorkCenter, you can use the "Return" button to go back.

 Archived and Closed Issues

For a list of archived or closed issues, please click here.