Current Issues Being Worked

Issue that can’t be resolved within a day are listed on this page.  Newly identified issues are first be posted on the ConnectCarolina home page in the Announcements section.

When an issue is closed, it moves to the Archived and Closed Issues list.

IssueDate PostedSymptomStatus
We have reports that some former UNC employees cannot access their W2s from ConnectCarolina.1/29/2019Self Service W2 access item is not availableTEMPORARY FIX If this occurs, try re-authenticating by logging out and logging back in. If this doesn’t fix the issue, contact the Help Desk at or 919 962-HELP. (DUO 2-Factor Authentication is required for W2 access.
Users can't print W2 from Self Service.1/15/2019Some users are experiencing issues when trying to print the self-service W-2 directly from Firefox. FIX: When using Firefox, either download to PDF first and then print or use one of the other browsers from the recommended link above.
When printing self-service W-2s, the recommended browsers are listed here:
Agilent ePro Vendor Catalog.There is an issue with using Chrome and Firebox browsers for Agilent orders. 1/1/2019Cannot complete Agilent orders using Chrome and Firebox browsers. Please use Internet Explorer to place orders. The vendor has confirmed this will be fixed in mid-February. Until then, continue to use Internet Explorer to place orders.

 Archived and Closed Issues

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