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A purple diamond next to a class title indicated that only reserved seats were available for the class. During Spring 2023 undergraduate registration, students clicked the Class Details link in ConnectCarolina to see if they met the qualifications for one of the reserved seats.

Jessica Walker, a junior at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media commented, “During prior registrations, it was frustrating when I received an error message for classes that appeared to be open. It was even more stressful when it was a class that I planned my entire schedule around. For spring classes, I found it easier to plan my schedule with the reserved seat icon indicating which classes were actually available to me.”

Before they register, students can see the number of open and reserved seats and what groups the seats are reserved for. Reserve status was designated by colored-coded status icons.

· Green oval = Open,
· Red square = Closed,
· Yellow triangle = Waitlist, and
· Purple diamond = Reserve seats only

Students clicked the Class Details link to get more information on who the reserved seats are for. For additional information on reserved seat capacity, visit the Undergraduate Registration FAQ page. (Note: reserved seats for most Spring 2023 classes were released on November 30.)

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