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Did you know that any time we make changes to ConnectCarolina, we go through multiple rounds of testing with groups all across campus? This Finance upgrade is no different. Testing started in July and is continuing through the end of this month.  More than 100 people tested over 5 months.

The first testers were staff in ITS-Enterprise Applications. They test to identify bugs and make note of any changes to how the system works or looks. Robin Burke, Business Systems Manager, noticed a new feature, the ability to copy budget transfers, while she was testing and thinks that “campus is really going to like this feature. They’ve been asking for this for a while since they can already copy budget journals.”

The second group of testers came from the Finance Central Administrative Offices and the Office of Sponsored Research. They tested to ensure the work they do every day such as entering and approving transactions, running queries, and making sure that the information was recorded correctly in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte is working properly.

Testers from campus schools and divisions participated too. Finance Liaisons, staff nominated by campus finance leads, were up next. By this time, most of the bugs had been worked out, but having the people who use the system every day test helps the ConnectCarolina team understand what we need to focus on in our communications. For example, even though the Campus Voucher page works the same way, it looks different and multiple Finance Liaisons commented on the change. Shannon DeRespino, from University Communications, noted “It is fairly intuitive and all the language seems to be the same, so I was able to submit a voucher, but it does definitely look different when you open the page.” As a result, you’ll notice that the ConnectCarolina team is putting some extra emphasis on that change in our communications.

Thanks to the more than 120 people who gave their time to make sure the upgraded version of ConnectCarolina works smoothly when it’s live on December 10.

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