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When you go to on May 20, expect to see one “smart” green button instead of separate green buttons for students and staff. The log-in will take you to a default home page based on your role at UNC. You may also wonder what happened to the more than 20 links you see on the current Log in page. We’re trying to declutter the screen. Many links were already on the Useful Links for Students page. Others are moving to a new Help page in ConnectCarolina.

The decision about what links and buttons would stay on the Log In page was driven partly by how frequently they were used (such as the heavily-used link to Sakai) and partly by whether the link needs to be accessed by people who don’t have an Onyen or Guest ID (such as the “Pay Student Bills” link).

The page is still under construction and there may be some changes to what is shown here, but you can visit ConnectCarolina Makeover – A Simplified Log In Page to see the new Help page and the retitled Useful Links for Students page. The new title is Links for Students, Parents & Proxies.

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