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Do you work with students? If you do, you may get questions about changes students will see in ConnectCarolina starting December 12. These changes are focused in three places.

  • The Personal Information tile where students can see their Residency Status and create a new Student PIN (details below).
  • The Student Homepage Links tile where the Third-Party Proxy link has been renamed to Share My Student Information. This link will be where students identify additional people they want to be able to access their information and create PINs for them.
  • The Agreements & Confirmations tile where they can click Mandatory Health Insurance to see their billing and waiver status for the Student Blue insurance plan. Starting Spring Semester 2020, students will click Enrollment Confirmation to confirm participation in their classes (details below).

PINs Will Better Protect Student Information

Beginning in Spring Semester 2020, anyone requesting student information – including the student – will be asked to provide a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). It’s like 2-Step Verification over the phone. Students can set up PINs starting Thursday, December 12.

Students can set up a PIN for themselves so that if they need to call to get information about their enrollment or financial account information, the staff member can verify that they’re really talking to the student before giving out any information.

They can also set up PINs for anyone they want to be able to access their information, such as their parents or guardians. And when they set the PIN they’ll be able to select what type of information they want the other person to be able to get, such as their addresses, their GPA for the semester, and the balance on their One Card account.

Students Must Confirm Participation

Beginning in the Spring Semester, students will need to go to ConnectCarolina to confirm their active participation in each of their classes, which will help the University meet federal regulations. In the new year we’ll send out more detailed information to anyone who works with students so they can help support students if they have questions.

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