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In a few weeks, all faculty, staff and student employees will have positions for their appointments in ConnectCarolina. Why is this important? For seven years (since the ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll go live), the University has been translating our appointments (which don’t have positions) into positions. That’s because those managing finances at the Board of Trustees and at the University System-level think in terms of positions when discussing budgets.

The problem is that translating this data is an unstable process that gets increasingly complex as the System Office requests more data. Having all faculty, staff and student employees in positions simplifies this process and brings other benefits like tracking positions without an incumbent and retaining organizational rollups even if positions are empty.

Preparing for the change

This change is far-reaching, so everyone who works with HR actions (including funding swaps) or posts positions in PeopleAdmin is getting up to speed on what will be different. A new page offers resources to help, including:

  • Brief training “snippets” to explain key changes
  • A list of changes by task
  • For approvers, a list of what to watch for before and after the change takes effect
  • A calendar of important dates

Another way to learn more is to attend the HR User Group, which will meet on September 29 at 2:00. Half of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing the position-related changes. During the other half, we’ll talk about a related initiative that will bring SHRA position descriptions online. You can find instructions for joining the webinar on the resource page for position-related changes.

Funding Swaps on Positions Beginning in October:

Starting Monday, October 11, all jobs on campus will have a position. If you do funding swaps in the system, you’ll need to remember that all funding swaps will need to refer to a position number. To find the position number for an employee that you’ll need for the Funding Swap ePAR, go to the HR WorkCenter > Person Data > UNC Employee Information. For more information on this change, visit the Full Position Management website and click the Basic Originators – Fund Swaps | Lump Sum Payments | Affiliate ePARs toggle.

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