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Collaboration | Community and Nation | Start small and Think BigA shorter Independent Contractor  form is now available to members of the public who serve on committees and advisory boards with the University. The new “Community Collaborators Form” streamlines the  independent contractor  process for both the collaborator and the University’s administrative team.  This form follows Accounts Payable’s successful implementation of the shortened Speaker Checklist form.

The Community Collaborator form is for paying individuals who share feedback, suggestions, insights, and concerns based on their perspectives as members of communities who are affected by University activity. For example,  members of Patient Advisory Boards are called community collaborators.


  • Shorter form for the community collaborator to complete
  • Less paperwork needed to enter the collaborator into the payment system
  • Quicker payments to collaborators

Before assigning the Community Collaborator role, the person and their relationship to the University needs to meet these criteria:

  • The collaboration lasts no more than one year
  • The contract does not exceed $5,000
  • The collaborator is a US person who can provide an IRS form W-9 with the Community Collaborator checklist

If the collaborator doesn’t meet theses qualifications, the department needs to establish the person as a supplier through the 708 – University at Chapel Hill Policy on Independent Contractor Policy and 708.1 University of North Carolina Procedure on Independent Contractor Process. For example, the Community Collaborator form shouldn’t be used for professional trainers or training firms, research collaborators, professional consultants, or persons who receive confidential or proprietary information in the course of their work with the University.

To find out more, see the NEW! Community Collaborator Form page, or you can find details in the newly released process, 708.4 – Procedure on Paying a Community Collaborator.

The ConnectCarolina Team sends good wishes to the newly retired Director of Accounts Payable and Vendor Services, Janet Rupert, for her invaluable leadership on this project and so many more.  The haiku is hers!


Community and Nation

Start small and Think Big!



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