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Activity Details

Team(s)Description of the ProjectScheduled CompletionCompletedWho Benefits
Finance1099sFebruary 2016Campus
HRACA Year End Reporting WorkQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSAllow Campus Users to view invoice images for an extended period of time.Q3-16Campus
StudentApply required patches to ConnectCarolina's Student Administration applications (Campus Solutions bundles 40 and 41)June 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSARP 2016 – Legislative increase for Monthly back to 07/01Q4-16Campus
Finance, ITSAthletics - Budget to Actuals Cube and ReportQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSBMS Redesign and EnhancementsQ4-16Campus
ITSCitrix 2-factor authenticationQ1-16Campus
Student AdminDeploy Contextualized Transcript as Unofficial Transcript for undergraduate studentsQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSEmployee Self-service On-Line Direct Deposit enrollmentQ4-16Campus
Finance, CS, ITSEmployee Vendor Updates (ARB 706/1056)January 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSEnable Payroll Multi-state taxation - Part 1Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSePAR Bug - Future Year Budget updates and DBT rolloverQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSePro – Disable end users ability to reopen canceled reqs Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSF & A ActualsQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSF & A ProjectionsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSFiscal Year end Close & 13th Month PreparationQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSFund and Purpose PlanningQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSImplement ability to dispatch POs directly from PS by email Q3-16Campus
StudentImplement an online "Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate School Record" (CourseLeaf software)August 2016Campus
Finance, ITSImplement Campus Journal ModificationQ4-16Campus
StudentImplement identification of transfer equivalencies for Undergraduate ApplicantsJanuary 2016Campus
StudentImplement new Graduate Admissions solution (Slate) to replace ApplyYourselfOctober 2016Campus
Finance, ITSImplementation of Permanent Plan for Payroll SuspenseQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSIn Bill Presentation capture the PeopleSoft journal id - match terms with InfoPorteQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed Out ReportingQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSKK SimplificationQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSLabor Expense Funding End Date Notification ReportQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSLink between CBM and Bill Presentation within applicationsMarch 2016Campus
Finance, ITSLong Term Solution for Salary and Benefit ProjectionsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSLong Term Solution to prevent Faculty Physicians Deductions on State FundsQ1-16Campus
Finance, ITSLSI 2016 – Legislative increase for Biweekly back to 07/01Q4-16Campus
HR/PayrollMake mandated revision to GA's HR DatamartQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSPAAT BugsJanuary 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Accounting ReportQ2-16Campus
ITSPeopleSoft 9.2 Planning: Investigate and Define Scope and ApproachJune 2016Campus
ITSPeopleTools 8.5 UpgradeQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSPI Reporting Infoporte Faculty Dashboard EnhancementsQ2-16Campus
ITSPrepare for and respond to the State of North Carolina ITS General Controls AuditQ2-16Campus
HRReimplement BenefitsFocus (due to a strategic change by the State Health Plan) and conduct Annual Enrollment January 2016Campus
Finance, ITSResearch Administrators Grant Profile and OSR Ledger Tab EnhancementsQ2-16Campus
StudentRevamp Academic Progress Reporting in support of Thrive@CarolinaFebruary 2016Campus
Finance, ITSSalary Funding HistoryQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSSAS Infrastructure and StaffingQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSSPA Exempt hour rate changes from 2096 to 2088 Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSTemplate for RFQ and IFB changes required by the StateQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSTIM/Kronos upgradeQ4-16Campus
ITSUpgrade the SAS/Visual Analytics environmentFebruary 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSW2: 2015 W2C processingQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSW2: 2016 W2 Printing CustomizationQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSW2: W2 Consent to Waive Paper Form - ImplementQ4-16Campus