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Send Date: April 12, 2021
From: ConnectCarolina Communications
To: HR Approvers
Subject: HR ePAR approval browser issue

You are receiving this email because you approve HR ePARs using the Worklist in the ConnectCarolina Admin WorkCenter

It has come to our attention that having a browser version open more than once or having multiple tabs of the same browser open at one time results in ePAR approval problems. In some cases, approvers have been able to approve the same ePAR multiple times, which can result in an action executing more than once or cause the ePAR to stop in workflow. To avoid potential problems:

  1. Open one ePAR at a time to review for approval (per browser).
  2. Once approved, close the browser tab and select another ePAR from the worklist or,
  3. if you are unable to approve the ePAR for any reason, simply close the browser tab and move to another ePAR from the Worklist.

If you need to have multiple ePARs open at the same time, open different browsers and work one ePAR at a time from each browser Worklist. Recommended browsers to use: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Internet Explorer is not supported).

[Note: IE and Edge share the same ConnectCarolina session information, so this combination of browsers does not work.]

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Systems Help Desk by contacting 962-HELP (option 3) or submit a web-based request at

Thank you,

The ConnectCarolina Team


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