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The Questions and Answers listed below were gathered from Help Desk inquiries and from the live “What’s New with the Finance Upgrade?” webinar on December 5.  We will update this list as needed.

Click here to see a list of known issues that the ConnectCarolina team is currently working to resolve.

You’ll be able to get to the pages you use most frequently faster through the Finance WorkCenter.
No, the links on the Finance WorkCenter were added by the ConnectCarolina team after working with both central offices and campus staff.
The look and feel will be more user-friendly.  There are a lot of changes on the backend and the processing should be faster. Any issues that we currently see with encumbrances and pre-encumbrances should be resolved.  One of the best changes in the budgets section is being able to re-submit budget journals or budget transfers.
Finance policies are being worked on, as relevant.  The policies will not be changing to say “supplier” instead of “vendor.”  Training guides are being updated and most will be uploaded to by Friday afternoon, December 7.
In short, PeopleSoft is no longer supporting the software version (9.1) that we use for ConnectCarolina.  We have to upgrade to software version 9.2 in order to receive support and take advantage of future enhancements and fixes.  Just as important are the new software features and functionality that will make working in ConnectCarolina easier and faster and reduce accessibility barriers that make it difficult for many people with disabilities to use ConnectCarolina.
We still recommend using the breadcrumbs and navigation within ConnectCarolina rather than your browser’s back button.
Yes, you’ll still see the “spinning wheel” when the system is processing, but it should move faster in the upgraded system.

The upgrade to 9.2 has impacted the speed of some existing Budgets Overview inquiries.  The simplest solution is to create new inquiries (using the same criteria you’ve always used) and delete the old ones.  NOTE: If you want to use the same name, you’ll need to delete the existing inquiry first.  Follow these steps:

Yes, ‘Save for Later’ creates a Voucher ID.
Vouchers that are not submitted at the end of the fiscal year will automatically be deleted. Nothing has changed regarding UNC voucher delete processing.
The Save for Later button works slightly differently on the Purchase Requisition page than it does on the Voucher page.  On the Voucher page, you only need to have the Invoice date, supplier, and category fields filled in. On the Purchase Requisition page, you need a valid chartfield string to save the transaction using the Save for Later button.
No, you won’t receive an alert.  You’ll have to use the Voucher ID to search for the saved voucher.

toggle title=”On the Requisition Settings page, what’s the difference between Override and Default?“]The project team is working on determining how those buttons affect your settings.[/toggle]

There is no error message. If it’s in canceled status, it’s reverted back to the originator.
No, the deny button will be available, but if you press the deny button without entering comments, you will receive an error message.


‘Recently Ordered’ information is based on a user.  You’ll see whatever requisitions you have submitted.
Yes, any denied budget journals or transfers will be available to resubmit.
Yes, those templates will be carried forward into the upgraded system.  All data that you see as of noon on Friday, December 7 will be there on Monday, December 10.
In order to modify a chartfield string please make sure that you enter a GL Unit (i.e. UNCCH).


You can contact the Business Systems Help Desk at (919) 962-HELP or
The print outs will be right aligned like they are on the screen.  What you see on the screen is what you will receive in the printouts.
Favorites is not supported due to frequent changes in supplier catalog order pricing. You can use Copy function under Manage Requisition for special requisitions.
The process will be the same after the upgrade.
No, there are no changes in the Web Travel system.
The project team will look into this issue. 
When you see the message, click the Cancel button instead of OK to go, back to the requisition.
It is not going to change as a result of the upgrade.
PeopleSoft 9.2 is the most recent software version and because we are reducing our customizations and using their ‘out of the box’ solution we can take advantage of their periodic ‘mini-upgrades’ that don’t require a long outage.
There isn’t a single tip sheet for working in ConnectCarolina, but there is a lot of information on  Look for the updated  training guides specific to the areas of ConnectCarolina that you work in such as budgets or procurement.
The recorded version of the webinar is posted on Click here to go directly to the video.