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Slides from the Understanding Combo Edits class.

Type: Slideshow / Presentation Categories: Finance Last Updated: July 1, 2014

This Quick Reference lists the core combo edits in ConnectCarolina used for all campus transactions. It also lists combo edits used specifically for athletics and foundations. It includes a description for each combo edit. This list provides a baseline for combo edits, as combo edits are added to the system on an ongoing basis.  

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Finance Last Updated: December 11, 2014

A quick reference on closing campus vouchers.

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Finance Last Updated: October 27, 2014

This Quick Reference introduces the ConnectCarolina process of employee funding. Provides an overview of how to enter initial funding, perform a budget check, and enter funding source changes.

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Finance, HR/Payroll Last Updated: August 30, 2016