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Version Date: March 21, 2019

HR / Payroll ConnectCarolina Update

March 21, 2019

New! ConnectCarolina Makeover Coming in May: Have you heard that ConnectCarolina is getting a makeover? Besides looking better, the new look will reduce clicks and give you more options for navigating. Please see the attached ConnectCarolina Makeover Video for a sneak peek of what’s to come! The best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for the ConnectCarolina newsletter at and to visit


Reminder! SHRA Annual Performance Data Entry and Supervisory Relationships: Similar to last year, the annual performance review ratings for permanent SHRA employees will be entered into ConnectCarolina by each employee’s manager. In preparation, we are asking all departments to ensure the correct reporting relationship is reflected in ConnectCarolina no later than March 28. This is extremely important because the supervisor reflected in the system will have the ability to enter the employee’s annual ratings.


To access a list of employees and their supervisors, department reps may export the Supervisor data via InfoPorte. For instructions on how to update an employee’s supervisor, please refer to the attached document. Employee and Management Relations will also be sending each division’s Performance Management points of contact a list of employees that do not have an active supervisor in the system.


New! Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 funding-related personnel actions: The FY 2020 department-level funding will be established in ConnectCarolina on April 1. After that date, new Hire ePAR actions effective 7/1/19 and later may be submitted. The FY 2020 appointment and position funding for existing employees will be created on April 27 based on their latest FY 2019 funding. Departments may then submit funding-related actions effective 7/1/19 and later for existing employees (i.e., pay rate changes, fund swaps, etc) beginning on April 28. Any FY 2019 funding changes made on ePARs executed between April 28 and June 28 will be rolled forward into FY 2020 on June 28 at 5 p.m. Non-funding-related actions effective 7/1/19 and later can be submitted at any time (please refer to reminder below regarding post 7/1 actions).


Reminder! Post 7/1/2019 Actions: In anticipation of the potential 7/1/2019 LI / ARP, please try to refrain from submitting any non-critical ePARs actions with an effective date greater than 7/1/2019 for permanent employees. Some examples of a non-critical ePARs are: Working Title Change, TIM Approver Change, Reports To or Supervisor Change. Fund swaps do not need to be held.

New! Mobile Device Stipend Update:  The Mobile Device Policy (1269) and Mobile Device Procedure (1269.1) have been updated to reflect the name change along with a few key processing changes:

  • Departments NO LONGER need to submit a help ticket after submitting the funding source change via lump sum ePAR. Previously, when submitting a funding source change via lump sum ePAR, the department was asked to submit a help ticket to Payroll to notify them of the funding source change.
  • Departments who need to terminate an employee’s Mobile Device Stipend will request this action through a remedy ticket and will NO LONGER be required to attach a termination form or submit the hard copy form. The form 1269.1.1f, Termination of Mobile Communication Device Plan, will NO LONGER be used and has been deleted. For employees who are leaving the University, it’s recommended departments submit a ticket to terminate the Mobile Device Stipend. This will ensure the employee does not receive the Stipend if they return to the University.

For more information, see the March 14 memo.

New! PeopleAdmin EHRA NF Workflow Change – Department EEO Approver: OHR Employment is excited to announce that as part of their ongoing efforts to streamline the recruitment processes, effective March 25, 2019, the Department EEO Approver will be removed from the EHRA Non-Faculty Interim Review and the Hiring Proposal approval workflow. Similar to the EHRA Non-Faculty Posting workflow, the Department HR Reps will now submit the Interim Reviews and Hiring Proposals to the School/Division Approver.


Note: The Faculty approval workflow will continue to route to the Department EEO Approver.


Even though the Department EEO Approver role is being removed from the Interim Review and Hiring Proposal workflows in PeopleAdmin, they will still be able to view the Posting, Applicants, and Hiring Proposal information for EHRA Non-Faculty recruitments. As a reminder, everyone who participates in the recruitment process is responsible for conducting a fair and diverse search, as well as ensuring we hire the best, most qualified candidates for the position.


New search committee training was announced last month, and all are encouraged to complete the training at your earliest convenience.  The new search committee training is required for all search committee members participating in all hiring events. You can access the search committee training at

Please contact your assigned Employment Consultant directly or via the Helpdesk at (919) 843-2300 should you have any questions.


Reminder! EHRA Student Work Break/Reappointment Timing: As a reminder, the EHRA Student auto-term process now runs throughout the month.

  • From the 1st through the 14th of the month it will run daily and terminate any EHRA Student with an Expected Job End Date of that day or before.
  • On the 15th and continuing through the end of the month, anyone with an Expected Job End Date within the current month will be terminated.
  • Auto-terminations will not occur during payroll lockout.
  • The auto-term process runs around 1am.
  • A student will not be auto-termed if there is an ePAR in progress for that Empl Record.

Given the new process, if you do not want an EHRA Student to be terminated, please submit a Reappointment or Short Work Break action and extend their end date prior to their current Expected Job End Date or the 15th of the month, whichever is earlier.


Reminder! Terminating EHRA Students on Work Break: EHRA Students who are on a Short Work Break do not need to be returned from work break prior to being terminated. EHRA Students only need to be returned from work break if they are being reappointed or if their job record will be transferring to another appointment.


Reminder! SHRA Work Study: Federal Work-Study (FWS) students may work up until the last day of finals (May 7, 2019) as long as they have remaining FWS award eligibility. Federal Work-Study students will be terminated based on their Expected Job End Date which should be no later than May 08, 2019.

  • If you receive notification about work-study overages, please initiate a PAAT entry right away.
  • Please note: students employed through the Carolina Works program for Spring 2019 are eligible to work through May 14th, 2019 with a termination date of May 15th, 2019.


Reminder! SHRA Student Transfers: In the event you have a SHRA Work Study student who needs to transition to a SHRA Student or SHRA Temporary for the summer OR a SHRA Student needs to be moved into SHRA Temporary position post-graduation, please transfer them into the appropriate position versus update the job code of their current position. This will ensure all other employee data is updated accordingly.


Reminder!  Expected End Date Monitoring: Monitoring the expected job end dates for SHRA temporary, SHRA student, and EHRA student employees and ensuring individuals have been reappointed or extended prior to their end date is crucial. However, in the event a student is terminated inadvertently, it is important to submit a help ticket as soon as possible to request the termination be removed. Please do not submit a Rehire action.


We recommend using the Expected End Date report in InfoPorte to review upcoming end dates and extending appointments in advance to avoid terminations of individuals who should remain on payroll.


Reminder! Hire effective dates for all SHRA employees: The best practice is always to hire SHRA permanent, temporary, and student employees on the first day of a pay period to ensure proper payroll and commitment account processing. If you have an SHRA employee who cannot be hired or transferred into a position effective at the beginning of a bi-weekly pay cycle, please make sure to review their preliminary paycheck to verify the pay rate is accurate. If the pay rate is incorrect, then submit a help ticket immediately. Additionally, after payroll confirms, ensure the distribution is on the appropriate position’s funding source. If the distribution is incorrect and cannot be fixed via PAAT, then submit a help ticket.

Reminder! May 2019 Payroll Schedule Adjustments. To accommodate the ConnectCarolina upgrade occurring the weekend of May 17-19, 2019, the biweekly (B23) payroll deadlines have been adjusted. The changes have been made on the Payroll Schedule as well as in the HR/Payroll Deadlines calendar. The changes are highlighted below:


Biweekly 23

  • School/Division ePAR Approvals Deadline: May 13, 2019 12:00 pm
  • Central Office ePAR Approvals Deadline: May 14, 2019 5:00 pm
  • Payroll Lockout (All Actions Due): May 15, 2019 12:00 pm
  • Payroll Confirm Date (Lockout Ends): May 17, 2019 12:00 pm

If downloading a new pdf version of the Payroll Schedule in Firefox, please refresh your browser to ensure the latest version appears.