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This quick reference card explains what a term code is and the pattern that these codes follow for identifying a term.

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Student Admin Last Updated: February 20, 2019

This guide covers how to view your class schedule, download class rosters, create Academic Progress Reports (APRs), and how to email students in a class.

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Student Admin Last Updated: August 21, 2017

This self-paced course explains how to view, register and cancel enrollment for training classes offered through the Office of Human Resources.

Type: Computer-Based Training Categories: General Last Updated: October 1, 2014

Part of a series of self-paced courses that introduces the basic concepts for InfoPorte users.

Type: Computer-Based Training Categories: Reporting, Student Admin Last Updated: November 1, 2014

This quick reference guide describes how suppliers are classified and provides the appropriate procedures for requesting changes to a supplier’s information.

Type: Quick Reference Categories: Finance Last Updated: February 28, 2019