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The procedure explain at a high level the factors that comprise the F&A formula allocation equation, demonstrates how to run the F&A Formula Allocation Report, and interpret the results of the report.

Type: Guide Categories: Finance, Reporting Last Updated: September 17, 2019

This self-paced course covers how approvers can use the P-Card system to modify existing line level detail and charge a transaction to a different chartfield string besides the card’s default string. It also covers how to approve, reject and save transactions.

Type: Computer-Based Training Categories: Finance Last Updated: October 1, 2014

This self-paced course will help you understand the difference between cost codes in ConnectCarolina and cost codes in InfoPorte. You’ll learn how to find the ledger balances for a ConnectCarolina program or cost code, find the accounts that make up the ledger balances, find the transactions that make up the ledger balances for each account, and look up a ConnectCarolina cost code.

Type: Computer-Based Training Categories: Finance, Reporting Last Updated: February 24, 2017