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1. Introduction

  • Prerequisites
  • Course Objectives

2. Signing in

  • Understanding the Different Roles in the P-Card System
  • Signing in Through the Portal

3. Using the Cards Tab

  • Viewing Your Department’s P-Cards
  • Viewing Default Information

4. Using the Charges Tab

  • Viewing Transactions for a Department or P-Card
  • Exporting Transaction Detail to Excel

5. Entering and Modifying Information

  • Adding Line Level Detail for a Purchase
  • Understanding Commodity Codes
  • Deleting Line Level Detail for a Purchase
  • Changing Line Level Detail for a Purchase
  • Submitting a Transaction for Approval

6. Understanding the Approval Process

  • Overview of the Approval Process (there is a separate CBT for Approvers)

7. Course Summary

  • Review Questions
  • Review Objectives
  • Resources and Contacts List
  • Course Evaluation

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