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Version Date: May 26, 2020


ConnectCarolina process improvements continue when a much anticipated Graduate Student Hub launches this summer. If you are a Student Services Manager, you’ll soon see a Graduate Student Hub tile on your ConnectCarolina Admin homepage. “Hub” really says it all. Student academic information, funding information, frequently used ConnectCarolina queries and reports that reside on multiple in ConnectCarolina will now be accessible from one place.

One of the most exciting features for student services managers is the Graduate Student Tracking page. It’s easy to search by student or by program and plan and find comprehensive information about students in seven key areas:

  • Student Profile Information: photo, PID, address, program, emergency contact, and an optional area for departments to designate the academic advisor or mentor and an option to add notes about interactions with the student
  • Degree Progress: program details, leave history and key milestones
  • Achievements: memberships, licenses and certifications, student presentations, and so on.
  • Courses Taken: information on completed classes such as hours, course names, and instructors
  • ·Courses Taught: information on classes taught such as section number and enrollment
  • Funding: stipends, tuition awards and other information from GradStar and GSHIP, and other funding
  • Alumni Info: email addresses and employment information for alumni


What started out as a request from one department in the College uncovered a widespread and longstanding challenge for many units across the University: how to efficiently access and manage information about graduate students’ varied activities toward degree completion. The result of a strong partnership between ITS, the College of Arts & Sciences, the Graduate School, the Gillings School of Global Public Health and the School of Education was a flexible tool that accounts for many of students’ unique degree-related activities found within departments. We are thrilled to make this available and believe that this first iteration of the Graduate Student Hub is going to make a big difference for units across the University.

Andy Lang, Associate Dean of IT and Analytics, Arts and Sciences Information Services